Performing semi-rotary printing and die-cutting at speeds of 90m/min. has made DIGIFASTone a benchmark in today’s competitive world of digital converting and embellishment. Since it was launched in 2015, the pioneering solution designed and subsequently perfected by Prati benefits from the experience and expertise gathered in nearly 50 years on the global market. Speed, precision and production efficiency are the key words of this solution.

Whereas semi-rotary die-cutting alone will reach higher speeds, DIGIFASTone outperforms competition for semi-rotary printing and die-cutting at a maximum speed of 90 m/ min. Accuracy is another key aspect. Put to the test in a real scenario at a major customer site, awesome tolerance levels were achieved by DIGIFASTone.

What else you benefit while using DIGIFASTone? Safeguard production efficiency where the DIGIFASTone technology leads the pack. Waste material is kept to a minimum. Setup times are no more than 8 minutes and conducted in a user-friendly way, reducing costs and accelerating delivery times in a period when a reactive approach to sales makes the difference.