At iT’s Tissue (6-10 June 2022, Lucca, Italy), Henkel launched a new product in its Aquence ECO range, which includes Aquence LAM E9500 ECO. The product for lamination represents a new level of sustainability-focused grade for the tissue and towel market. It is made with bio-based and fossil-free raw materials and helps to provide customers with a natural and sustainable solution. As a preservative and plasticizer free adhesive, the new product also helps to ensure a safer working environment for manufacturers.

Increasing operational efficiency

Henkel also presented Aquence LAM E6000, a versatile lamination adhesive that enables more efficient operations. It offers excellent adhesion that is ideal for multiple ply products and difficult tissue qualities, with outstanding flexibility, being suitable for challenging conditions and different line speeds. Aquence LAM E6000 is dilutable to very high ratios.

Enhancing the consumer experience with AQUENCE XTRA softeners

“In addition to making product manufacture more sustainable and efficient, iT’s Tissue is also the ideal forum to discover game-changing new technologies that enhance the products themselves to provide a superior customer experience,” explains Francesca Lucca, Head of Key Account Management EIMEA for Tissue & Towel at Henkel. “Our recently-launched Aquence XTRA softener range are one such breakthrough, empowering manufacturers to differentiate their products and add value to the consumer. We are looking forward to providing our customers and partners with a closer look at this sophisticated solution.”

Aquence softeners act directly on fibers to provide a highly effective and sustainable way to tailor tissue to best meet specific needs. Available in three dedicated formulations, Henkel’s new ready-to-use softener formulas can ensure the soft, smooth, and voluminous quality required for toilet paper, the silky smoothness that is ideal for cosmetic tissues, or these same qualities for food-contact applications. Aquence softeners provide manufacturers with a proven route to differentiate their products over uncoated tissue paper.

“We are delighted be partnering with the Tissue Italy Network as a Main Partner for iT’s Tissue 2022,” said Eilyn Meneses Villabona, Market Strategy Manager EIMEA for Tissue & Towel at Henkel. “During the pandemic, this event has demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of this sector by moving to a virtual format. However, it is especially good to again come together in person at this exceptional forum, as we direct this energy to embrace the challenges and opportunities of sustainable and efficient production.”