In the wake of a long tradition of continuous innovation, Rossini will be presenting an absolute novelty at Print4All: the first and only hydraulic expansion carbon fibre carrier, which can be fitted on both pneumatic and hydraulic spindles.

New exclusive patent for Rossini, which presents the evolution of the carrier concept at the fair. It is called HydroBridge and combines the advantages of the hydraulic expansion system with those of the pneumatic system, ensuring a higher mechanical level of rigidity enabling a perfect dot definition to be printed at higher speed.
Equipped with an autonomous hydraulic unit totally integrated into the structure, when it is in the working position on the HydroBridge spindle it locks, activating the special hydraulic ring system located at both ends. The internal core has a diameter that allows easy mounting on the spindle, and the two hydraulic locking rings contract, ensuring the perfect anchorage of the carrier.
This adapter can be used with any type of spindle and will be available both in the Flow Through through hole and Side Air configuration, for the assembly of all types of sleeves produced by Rossini.

Main reasons of advantage – High structural rigidity; better quality and printing speed; lightness and ease of installation; manual control of the hydraulic unit; reduction of maintenance costs; double Flow Through and Side Air configuration.