Inciflex Srl (Fisciano) renews its investments in R&D for flexographic prepress and announces the development of an innovative technology, capable of further raising the performance bar of the highly advanced Crystal 5080 CDI with Esko front LED display. It will be presented on November 22nd at the next Flexo Day in Bologna.

Inciflex of Fisciano continues its race towards development supported by the vision (and investments) of Vincenzo Consalvo, and announces “new features” in the flexo area. This time the work is carried out by the Service R&D Department, set up and directly supported by Consalvo, under the supervision of Flexo Director Loreto Simoncelli, who joined the Inciflex team last autumn together with the person in charge of the roto area, Fabrizio Gasparro, to strengthen the managerial structure of the Salerno based company.

One starts from the frequency modulation screen….

With the support of a dedicated staff of technicians, composed of Valentino Mosca, Sergio Celano and Christian Morelli, Simoncelli has been working for almost a year on the development of a «brand new and innovative technology that, starting from the study and in-depth application of the potential of the frequency modulation screen, and also telling its some limits, you can see new frontiers always bramed up in the flexographic printing».

«Driven by our innate curiosity and propensity for improvement – says Vincenzo Consalvo – we wanted to further raise the performance bar in the flexo area, where we have sensed further growth space. For this we have invested time and resources in developing a technology that, starting from the specific features of Esko’s XPS Crystal 5080, would allow us to cross those “columns of Hercules” that open to the perfect printing of the zero screen with constancy and reliability, an absolute ease of printing at 60 lines per cm (150 LPI) with colors that fade to zero without graininess…. The results we have achieved in the first 9 months of development and testing are exciting, and will allow us to greatly increase our competitive advantage».

Watchword: personalize

«Starting from the most up-to-date Esko technology, still today the prerogative of the most advanced companies, we have worked to personalize the settings of the CDI, on the choice of the flexographic plate most suitable to reach the desired result, and each graphic executive was consistently interpreted in the prepress process», Simoncelli anticipates.

Who rates: «The sum of the performances of the Esko CDI and the skills of our prepress experts have enabled us to achieve results that make us leap forward placing us years ahead of our direct competitors, both Italian and international. I don’t want to anticipate anything else: at the next Flexo Day we will be able to dedicate a detailed exhibition of this work».