With the first issue of 2022, the Converting Survey initiative will be launched. This is a new project that will engage the publisher and the editorial staff throughout the year in a dialogue with technology manufacturers and printers, to provide readers of the magazine and the portal with a series of information gathered directly from the market.

The CONVERTING SURVEY project matches the 2022 editorial plan with the creation of 5 Surveys dedicated to 5 special topics. In each of the 5 issues of the year we will propose to the readers the results of the Survey which, during the previous weeks, we have addressed both to the Suppliers of Technologies and Materials and to the Printers/Converters.

The format is designed to allow participants to easily perform both data input and responses to open-ended questions directly online. It will be a way to give voice to all experiences, comparing opinions, propensities, expectations of the supply chain with respect to the development of technological and applicative solutions.

Each Survey will have a part dedicated to a general analysis and a part that reports and elaborates the answers of suppliers and printers to the questions formulated by the editorial staff, conveyed through the digital questionnaire. The information collected will be processed both in the form of summary graphs and as commented articles, with a view to sharing the market analysis and vision of the various responding companies.

Converting Surveys that will give content to this year’s Specials with the aim of aggregating the supply chain, will talk about: