December 10 will feature the live streaming of Drug Supply Chain and Smart Packaging, the two major conferences organized every year by Pharma Hub, the IKN Italy community dedicated to the world of life science. Focus: pharmaceutical product packaging and its production and logistics chain, also showcasing new projects by the students of the Milan Polytechnic.

Smart Packaging

The impact of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical sector has already been estimated as causing a loss of 69.5%, and the figure is still provisional given the continuous updates of the decrees. Now, more than ever, it is of fundamental importance to guarantee the productive continuity of the pharmaceutical sector by adopting all possible smart, agile and security measures. To delve further into the innovations of the sector, on December 10, the twelfth edition of Smart Packaging, the benchmark event for the development of sustainable, safe and smart packaging, will take place. The event represents an opportunity for an overview given by:

  • AIFA for regulatory updates more than one year after the entry into force of the European Directive 2011/62/EU;
  • The Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato to optimize the synergy while awaiting for the 2025 serialization deadline;
  • The Milan Polytechnic to get a sneak peek at the most innovative projects of the students on their Pharmaceutical Packaging course;
  • More than 10 pharmaceutical companies offering overviews on main trends such as anti-counterfeiting, serialization, supplier management, extractables and leachables and adherence to therapy.

Of particular relevance are the best practices that Angelini and Teva will present, focused on the development of packaging for the elderly to support the morphological evolution worldwide. In addition, there will be a discussion between Bayer and Angelini on the best approaches to avoid contact contamination between extractables and leachables, as well as an in-depth analysis of Mylan and Recordati’s experience in optimizing packaging to facilitate the correct communication of information to the patient. Finally, there will be a focus on the most innovative technologies in QR Code and automated authentication.

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Drug Supply Chain

For over 15 years IKN Italy has overseen the sector with events on Pharmaceutical Distribution, Cold Chain and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain involving more than 300 Speakers, an Advisory Board and over 1500 participants. Drug Supply Chain represents the complete event, from supply chain planning to last mile management.

On December 10, industry experts will meet to share their experiences and perspectives, considering that the Drug Supply Chain is one of the sectors most immediately affected by the Covid-19 emergency. In fact a strict and well-defined criteria needs to be responded to, such as:

  • Sustainability starting from product transport, delivery and recycling activities to cost analysis ;
  • Digitalization for optimal monitoring of the finished product from the warehouse to the last mile;
  • Automation for a 360° efficient simplification of architecture and warehouse;
  • Security thanks to serialization and traceability, for a control over the entire supply chain to combat pharmaceutical product counterfeiting;
  • Rapidity to respond to the needs of a patient increasingly influenced by e-commerce.

On the occasion of the 2020 edition, an in-depth analysis will be provided on extremely topical issues, such as the AIFA update on the European Directive 2011/62/EU and, in particular, on developments more than a year after its entry into force.

Moreover, round tables, case histories and panels are scheduled for a complete overview of the hottest trends, such as blockchain, pharma home delivery and warehouse 4.0.

Another topic that deserves due attention, also following the current emergency, is: the optimization of  performance and efficiency, what can pharma learn from the digitalization of food?

Finally, a look at the most innovative solutions that guarantee added value in the process of remote stocking, picking and transportation of pharmaceutical products.

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