After the talk at the drupa preview on November 17, in which Acimga illustrated its all-round original communication project at the service of its members, drupa chose the Italian association of manufacturers of printing and converting machines for packaging, labels, paper and graphic arts products to coordinate the Italian table for the next preview to be held on December 8. The association, in collaboration and coordination with drupa, will choose the participants in the next streaming appointment from among the companies exhibiting at the fair, who in turn will in turn discuss industry 4.0 and sustainability issues, using the same format as the Streaming Roadshows in Turkey, UK, Egypt and Algeria.

The video of the italian table, titles “A view from inside: Italian technology manufacturers on new future challenges“, will be published on drupa preview. To watch it, register at the following link.

The drupa preview is an important international showcase for Italian technologies. Acimga will continue to collaborate with the fair organization to promote the excellence of Made by Italy and give opportunities for visibility and exchanges on global platforms to its members, also as the Italian Paper and Graphics Federation, whose internationalization activities it is coordinating.

Shifting communication: Acimga’s vision at drupa preview

The concept is to switch from a product to a corporate communication, increasingly involving the supply chain in order to create a community of shared values and interests, and focus on the future directions of the sector, in a continuous process of innovation. All this to provide increasingly effective services to members. These were the qualifying points of the talk “Shifting communication, a tool for our companies” given by Acimga at the drupa preview, broadcast in live streaming on November 17.

Andrea Briganti, director of Acimga and the Italian Paper and Graphics Federation, started out from the association’s vision and its mission, underlining how Acimga also represents all printing technologies  via the specialization groups, and the ability to network via a web of partner associations that aims to evermore involve the international supply chain. In this vision, communication plays a crucial role, in an effort that consists in becoming a voice for members (advocacy), building relationships and content, brand identity and innovative strategies. This all based around three themes that represent the future directions and challenges of the sector: sustainability, industry 4.0 and servitization.

Gwyn Garrett, Acimga’s international account, told how the association’s communication has been drawn up via a series of internationalization activities: the Print4All Conference – Future Factory in June (about 1300 members), as well as the Streaming Roadshows currently underway (the last two stages to be held respectively in Egypt and Algeria on December 10 and 16). An emotional video about these events accompanied the account he gave, while, following on from a question from the audience, Briganti closed Acimga’s talk with a reflection on the future of trade fairs.

«We wanted to use the opportunity of the drupa preview – explains Andrea Briganti – to illustrate our strategy, that is closely linked to the services offered to our members and the entire sector. We will continue along this path with the activities of the Roadshows that, after the first two stages in Turkey and the UK, will stop off in Egypt and Algeria. Events that will act as a bridge to the new edition of Print4All Conference in spring 2021. An advocacy and communication activity that makes the strengths of Made by Italy known beyond our borders, something much needed in these times».