An art installation conveying messages from around the world about sustainability, displayed during the next installment of Chinaplas (Shanghai, April 25-28, 2022). It’s called Sustainability Resonator and is a co-creation by Chinaplas, multidisciplinary artist Alex Long and the Global Plastics & Application Industries.

What is “Sustainability Resonator”? Here the official explanation of the art installation

We attempt to build an energy body to deliver the necessity and effectiveness of aggregation in face with the complex and serious environment problems today. Among various energy forms, we select wave which is the conduction carrier of energy and at the same time, it represents the trend. Sound wave is one of the basic carriers of thoughts. Most communication, knowledge, feelings and ideas find its origin from the transmission of sound.

Taking sustainability as the guide, we aggregate invisible sound waves bearing emotions, concepts and attitudes in quantities, and design an installation for visual presentation through intricate parameter processing. It is called “Resonator”.When the audience enter Resonator, the voice stored in each “voice cell” is generated. As the voices reverberate through the installation, thoughts and ideas also resonate with each other.

Thousands of speakers participated in the creation of installation with their voices. Every voice cell is unique. When the audience listen to these voices by mobile phone, they help trigger the resonance by themselves.

How to partecipate

It is possible to partecipate in the art installation with their own message. To be part of it you need to record a voice message no longer than 15 seconds about one of the subsequent topics:

  1. What’s your sustainability vision for the plastics / rubber / your industry?
  2. How can we have a sustainable future?  What we personally / the industry as a whole need to do?
  3. Your invitation to co-build a sustainable and better future together

Once you’ve recorded the message, upload it here. And you’re in the Sustainability Resonator!