Second interactive open house, this July 15, for the worldwide launch of the new rotogravure press Thea-9one8-3.0 by Kohli Industries. A project made in India, therefore, that has fielded state-of-the-art technologies and a wealth of advanced components from the best Western manufacturers. And that in the virtual live demos has shown significant performance to say the least, starting from the speed: Thea-9one8-3.0 printed at 501 m/min with water-based inks and 651 m/min with solvent-free Toluene inks sophisticated works with a superior quality (and samples sent to those who want to touch with their hands).

The whole project is designed according to the most advanced criteria, first of all of ease of use (the operator is at the center of the project) and environmental and economic sustainability. Thea-9one8-3.0 is highly automated to ensure the highest levels of productivity and quality, carefully managing every single aspect of processing: from quick and easy job changes to film feeding, from register control to the management of inks, tensioning, pressures, temperatures, consumption, emissions…

Two elements highlighted: the NYX automatic pre-register system and the IRIS artificial intelligence platform, both developed in Kolhi to maximize performance and efficiency, and to generate and manage machine and process statistics and maintenance programs with 4.0 criteria.

A demonstration of their operation and effectiveness was given during the webinar.

Managed in first person by Kaku Kohli, assisted by his staff and by specific interventions of the technology suppliers, the event was conducted following an effective formula of interactive demo in real time, accompanied by questions and answers on every single aspect of the machine and of the processes, with the video cameras oriented on the element featured. Kohli Industries has thus repeated, by popular demand, the launch webinar of last June 16, reaching on both occasions hundreds of connected operators from all over the world, including Italy, who remained connected for hours.

Among the partner suppliers of the project there are Siemens, BST-Eltromat, Gama, Enulec, Rossini, Honeywell, E+L, Futec, Festo and SMC.

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