A custom machine that performs just-in-time coating and lamination even for short runs, with maximum flexibility and efficiency. The new Innova HT division of CMI Industries gives a preview in an upcoming open house, to be launched at drupa.

CMI Industries (dosing and bottling of liquids for the cosmetics, food & beverage and chemical) has founded the Innova HT division and calls on the coating & lamination sector with a new, heavily automated machine that is capable of producing small lots of material just in time, with quick changeover and no machine stops.
Resulting from thirty years of work by a R&D division oriented toward radical innovation, the first Innova HT machine is offered as ideal for a target with medium/high turnover seeking quality results and maximum flexibility and process efficiency.
The system is highly modular and can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each converter, which thereby gains a “special” machine, equipped with ad hoc coating systems and the necessary complementary functions, including inkjet digital printing in up to 6 colors (it can also be integrated with flexo and rotogravure lines).

Flexibility and automation. Innova HT’s coating and lamination system processes all layer types of thin to medium thickness (paper, alu, plastic film…), usually for packaging. Based on an advanced digital conception, it executes multiple coating and lamination processes simultaneously, deploying various coating types with adhesives, lacquers, heatsealing lacquers, register cold seal, protective lacquers, silicones – solvent-based, water-based, acrylic, UV. Moreover, it enables automatically dosing and controlling the amount of adhesive, with no operator intervention, and the coating units can even be cleaned automatically.
The machine is integrated with energy reduction and recovery systems and is completely closed, preventing access to moving parts. Lamination is controlled via touch screen color panels supported by video-cameras.
The smart interface enables resolving problems, transmitting data and performing remote technical fixes.
Finally, deserving mention is the machine’s shaftless reel loading and unloading system, which automatically detects the diameter and moves them from a support to the ground.  It can be integrated with a vertical-type automatic reel changeover system and a circuit integrated of laser-guided carriages that pick the reels from the warehouse, place them on the shaftless unwinder and connect them without stopping the laminator.