MADE TO MEASURE Temac has worked along with Luxoro to define the structural, performance and sustainability characteristics of the ideal slitter for the precious Kurz foils. This has led to the creation of a new doctoring machine in the Ecosystemac series, that demands less energy, is capable of carrying out different processing operations, reducing work cycle and set up times while totally userfriendly.

Temac (slitter rewinders) and Luxoro (distributor or Italy for Kurz hot print foils) have started up a partnership that aims at developing technologies capable of combining reduction of environmental impact with high efficiency standards, quality yield and safety, this covering all work phases. Working to the specific needs of use of Luxoro (based in Parona Lomellina, PV), the experts of the two concerns have thus pinpointed the characteristic of the “ideal slitter”, meaning in this case accuracy and versatililty, low energy consumption and userfriendliness.
«We have done our utmost to cater for even the smallest needs of the customer – states Temac sales head Massimo Cerliani – thus winning their faith, in the end providing them with a latest generation machine tailored to their needs. We were thus able to enrich our line of Ecosytemac brand solutions with an innovatory doctoring machine, capable of carrying out a whole host of different processing operations».
Temac’s new product is called DTR 803 and has a revamped structure, including an integrated PLC with 8 inch color LCD display operator panel touchscreen, for a total and immediate control of all working conditions. But aboveall it has 3 AC vectorial servomotors that, thanks to the appropriate software, radically reduce the electricity needs at startup, following the principles of sustainability. «It is in fact a "mini-slitter" – the head of Temac’s design dept. Alessio Collavino states – with all the features that enable easy roll winding and rewinding, in line with Luxoro’s practical needs also in terms of work cycle and set up times».
The details that count
The flexibility of DTR 803 is also due to its ability to work with rolls of various sizes. In the unwind phase, the pneumatic expansion shafts with self-centering system enable working with cores from 1” to 3” in diameter. On top of that, on demand adapters for using 6” spindles can be used. In turn the winding station takes rolls with cores that have an internal diameter of from 1” to 3”. The shafts are accompanied by a mechanical sideways offloading system for processed rolls with 25 mm (1”) cardboard core integrated into the structure of the machine and rotating on its own axis. The structure is assisted by an automatic control of the unwind tension, managed by load cells and driven by a microprocessor system.
Temac’s machine is able to unwind coils up to 500 mm in diameter, at a guaranteed top speed of nearly 500 m/min, rewind diameters reaching nearly 400 mm.
Taking a look at the electronics, we highlight the adoption of 3 asynchronous induction motors with closed loop digital inverters, one dedicated to the control of drawing unit and two serving the respective upper and lower winding shafts. To meet the needs expressed for precision expressed by Luxoro, a semi-automatic PLC run splicing table with locking grippers, position sensors and opalescent surfaces, backlit by high efficiency gas lamps has been located at the stage where the film enters the machine.
Finally, a mention of other elements, only apparently accessories, that contribute to the accurate working and the rationality of the operation of the DTR 803:
– in the winding phase, a centered mono-directional carriage drive system (a parallelogram with variable angle) operated by stepper servo motor, acts as a servo centre for the correction of the processed jumbo roll;
– the cutting unit is managed by independent electro pneumatic commands for the ascent and descent of the razor blades at the front and back of the machine, and is integrated with circular knives, these too pneumatically operated;
– the main electrical equipment is built into the machine and mounted on a hinged frame, which can be opened conveniently for simple and rapid maintenance.                           

«The DTR 803 is only the latest machine supplied to us by Temac and, like its predecessors, it integrates seamlessly into our production processes, improving company profitability and sustaining our growth philosophy – declares Roberto Barbieri, production manager of Luxoro’s Parona Lomellina facilities. The painstaking design, sturdy construction, harmony between software and mechanical engineering optimize the production cycle and confirm Temac’s flexibility and capabilities for customization of machines and equipment for luxury converting».