Zund marks a new stage in the path set to illustrate the role of its digital plotters in the design phase of a product. And reaches the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

A Press Christmas Lunch in the temple of Milanese design, or that is the Triennale, where the Triennale Design Museum organizes educational workshops for children, in collaboration with Zund and the Laboratorio Allestimenti-Indaco Department of the Milan Polytechnic. This is the last stage, in order of time, of the path on which the Swiss manufacturer of digital multifunction plotters has embarked to spotlight the role of the company’s technology as a "creative aid" to design activities. A pragmatic approach, which invites designers and converters to get a first hand experience of the creative potential of an evolved tool like the multifunction G3 plotter, installed in 2008 at the Milan Polytechnic and made available to teachers and students to "give substance to ideas”. It was also the protagonist, during the last Viscom 2011, at the seminar "Which creativity for which market", which proved to be one of the most popular events held during the Milan show. And now its colorful scraps take on new life in the work of children.
Make way for the young – The designer is a professional able to give life to objects that improve the daily lives of people and create added value for the manufacturer. Creativity is one of their essential qualities, but also technical ability, knowledge of materials and tools, as well as awareness of the function that the object to be created plays in society. Hence, you are not born a designer but you become one, and this is something the children involved in "Pop Up", a learning event conceived and coordinated by experts of the workshop set up by Milan Polytechnic’s Indaco Department, have been able to experience directly.
Here children are encouraged to build their "dream factory" in the pop-up version, using paper, cardstock, springs and gizmos. All the material is cut and finished using the Zund G3 system installed at the Milan Polytechnic: “special pieces” and paper&board converting processing waste are provided by the company, and subsequently put together by the children to create their own personal volumetric sculptures. In this way young people are given a first time experience of using, combining and also of recycling materials. All this under the expert guidance of Researchers and Assistants capable also of transferring knowledge and skills to young people about the art of designing and constructing a three-dimensional item or artefact.
New developments – The initiative is well suited to spotlighting the versatility of Zund’s systems, and its user-friendly software, increasingly popular internationally (the G3 system, recently introduced on the market, has already celebrated its thousandth order) also won praise in recent competitions like the Top Product Award 2011, EDP Awards 2011 and PrintStars 2011.
These what is more are systems undergoing constant evolution, in line with the Swiss manufacturer’s "philosophy", which sees sizeable resources dedicated to R&D and which has announced upcoming new features. The opportunity is presented by Fespa (Barcelona 21st to 24th February 2012), where a preview will be staged of Zund’s latest proposal, acclaimed as a good ally for those who believe in the added value of design.         

From left to the right: Marco Visani, Matteo Redaelli (Logics); Gianluca Bondioli (Sign-Tronic Italia-ZundLab Division).