GEW Ltd (advanced UV curing systems for printing labels, coating and digital printing) has developed for a hybrid curing system that can function using both arc lights and LEDs, in such a way making use of the advantages of both technologies.

GEW presented the system at Labelexpo Europe with the brand name ArcLED, since it consists in an arc system that adapts to the use of LEDs, quickly and easily, without changing either the housing or the power supply.
All that is required is to insert the LED cassettes into the printer and connect the water cooling system. The Rhino ArcLED system automatically switches from the high voltage alternating current used for arc lamps to the direct current used by the LEDs.

The economic advantage of this flexible solution is clear, as it is able to deploy the suitable curing system for each support, ink or lacquer type and target market – food or non-food), and according to developments in the converting business, without compromising previous investments.
Worth signaling, moreover, is another benchmark reached by GEW at Labelexpo: the concern received an Award for Innovation for Rhino’s electronic dispenser, developed in order to cut the operational costs of UV curing. Rhino has an energy efficiency rate of 95%, guaranteeing very low energy use, in addition to a minimized carbon footprint.