For printing and converting operators, the calendar of the new year is full of events of absolute importance, which allows scope for optimism in spite of any impinging leap year, the prophecies of Nostradamus and anything else remotely worrying prospected by our difficult world.

2020, in fact, is above all the year of drupa (but also of Interpack) and invites one to shift one’s gaze  from one’s own small sphere  to the world  at large, where balances and events take on a different value and scope. The German fair (Düsseldorf, 16-26 June) promises to stage the state of the art of printing and converting technologies and will be as ever interesting: not only to verify the progress  of technology (and trends in demand), but also to understand how the balance between the different economic areas of the planet is changing.

Furthermore, drupa generates a whole string of  subsidiary corporate events that aim to convey the attention of the operators to the individual proposals of the companies and, considering everything, engages the sector for the entire first part of the year. But this does not eclipse the more “vertical” or more “regional” fairs and conferences which, also in 2020, are many and interesting, for Italy starting with the conference leading up to  Print4All, scheduled for next May 18th and 19th in Milan.

Converting magazine will be there  distributing its paperbased edition to visitors and, and will be updating its digital channels live, while working on a surprise, for the benefit of our readers and the companies that support us;  we can’t say anything as yet but all soon to  be revealed. That’s a promise.

In the meantime, here is a first calendar of fairs and conferences, which we will update as we go along and which for obvious reasons, does not include corporate events. We have taken it from Converting’s Media Kit 2020, which you are invited  to consult. The world is changing and so too the way information is received and spread – instantaneous and widespread, physical and virtual, documented and relational – and we’ll be  there. A task with all its difficulty and beauty, and oh so necessary.