What is the total cost of ownership of a gravure machine? How many printers use gravure technology for packaging? What is the trend of the gravure printed packaging market? These are some of the questions answered by Roto4All, the first Italian rotogravure event.

Organized by the Italian Gravure Group of Acimga, Roto4All will illustrate the role of gravure in the world of packaging, its strengths and characteristics. In addition to the data, Roto4All will also be an opportunity to hear printers and brand owners who use this printing technology and who have achieved success and recognition on the market thanks to it.

Roto4All will be anticipated on March 26 by a networking dinner, in the fantastic Florentine setting of the B-roof of the Grand Hotel Baglioni.

For a long time the gravure community, made up not only of machine and component manufacturers, but also of printers and brand owners, felt the need for a day of discussion and encounter“, declares Andrea Briganti, director of Acimga. “Roto4All responds to this request and finds its place among the  undertakings already fielded as well as  those planned. This is how we give visibility to an Italian excellence, to a know-how that is acknowledged the world over but that is at time little known to the Italians themselves.

The Italian Gravure Group, made up of 25 companies in the sector, aims to promote technology and, in addition to Roto4All, has already created a manual “Gravure: get to know her to better appreciate her”, also translated into English. The Group is also planning other publications, training courses and the drafting of standards within the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) where it has delegated a representative (Carlo Carnelli).

Italy finally has its day dedicated to rotogravure“, declares Gianmatteo Maggioni, coordinator of the Acimga Rotogravure Group, the result of the work and will of the most representative companies in the sector. The goal is to make it a fixed appointment, where one will be able to take stock of the situation as well as discuss and launch new gravure promotional and training undertakings.