Labelexpo offered Gama (marketed by its partner I&C) an occasion to present its new VIS G20 automatic ink viscosity control systems, as well as VIS G30 for adhesives and varnishes and VIS G31 for pH control.  At the stand of the Robbiate (LC) based company, fair goers also had a chance to see the tested ink viscosity control systems using vibration technology VIS G26, the G28s for water based and EB inks, and the G29s for water based inks. The concern also illustrated in Brussels the G90 for temperature control and the G50 for pH control.

VIS G20 for flexo and rotogravure enables checking the viscosity of solvent based inks, and when necessary, automatically corrects them by adding solvent. The system transmits data to the operator in real time and, once production has stopped, produces a production report; the operator can archive setup and job parameters for future reprints. Suitable for 1 to 6 color installations, run optionally with single color panel or via PC, the VIS G20 can be integrated with the G90 temperature control system to stabilize it within a range of recommended values, between 22 and 25 degrees. Foam formation is limited.

VIS G30 for water or solvent based adhesives and varnishes controls viscosity and temperature. It can be installed on a flexo or rotogravure printer or a laminator. Simple to tare and use, it can be run through PC or an LCD panel. Valves guarantee maximum internal cleaning of the interior and sensor from the measurement area.

VIS G31 for pH control of water based inks, and correction through automatic addition of stabilizing agent. It has been specifically developed for the paper and corrugated cardboard market.