One of the key highlight topics at Drupa 2016 will be packaging production. Papers with outstanding sensory appeal combined with excellent finishing techniques turn packaging into first class advertising media.

Electronic displays and sensors make packaging intelligent; digital printing permits personalisation and versioning. As a result, according to current forecasts the packaging market will increase to 975 billion euros by 2018. A separate special show, Packaging Touchpoint, reflects this market relevance.
«Our aim is to identify potential in packaging design and production and address important vertical markets», says Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa.
This special forum in Hall 12 is being designed and implemented in close collaboration with the European Packaging Design Association (epda). Whose Project Manager, Claudia Josephs, explains: «We will be covering the whole spectrum of the packaging world: technical/functional requirements, cultural and ethical considerations, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the wide range of substrates through to the technologies used».

Innovation park and drupa cube. Other areas and special moments are dedicated to innovation, that features as the lead thread in this edition of the show finds its “geographic” epitomisation in the “innovation park”.
In Hall 7.0, around 130 exhibitors divided into six themed areas, will showcase their innovations in workflow processes, automation and the latest print technologies.               
On top of that, Hall 6 D03 will host the drupa cube encounters. Here new technologies like printed electronics and 3D printing, creative multichannel applications and the use of digital printing techniques in packaging and other sectors will be illustrated via an interdisciplinary approach also designed to bridge the knowledge gap between printing professionals, creative agency, marketing, and brand owner clients.
This year, for the first time, the 11-day programme is based on six key themes: multichannel, print, functional printing, 3D printing, package production, green printing. With a special interest for selected vertical markets such as food, consumer goods, interior design, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but also and the financial and public sectors.