SEW-Eurodrive has extended its range of control technology products with the UHX71B unit, included in the“power” performance class, ideal for motion control applications requiring high performance.

UHX71B enables the control of up to 64 axes in a millisecond, leaving enough computing power for complex application programs. Fitted with SBUSplus, the system bus based on EtherCAT® means that the computing power is forwarded synchronously to the drives and consequently the entire drive train can be processed in less than a millisecond. A high speed CFast memory card contains all relevant information about the firmware, application and setting of the axes and facilitates the eventual replacement of the unit. Parallel to the real time section of the PLC, and contained in a second CFast memory card, Windows 7 Embedded is optionally available. The two sections are linked by the inner Ethernet connection.

Thanks to an innovative software framework, this operating system is available separately, and hence independently, for engineering, programming, diagnostics and visualization. As a result, any spikes in the use of Windows do not have any impact on the performance of the real time section and problems of incompatibility between the programs cannot arise. Hence this SEW-Eurodrive solution simplifies noperativity and visualisation. Since the operating system and MO-Vitools® MotionStudio engineering software are already pre-installed on the second memory card, all one needs to do to get started is to connect a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor.