STRICTLY TECHNICAL Rockwell Automation incorporates the new rules on machine safety and publishes three white papers on its website for the benefit of designers and suppliers.

Rockwell Automation has published three white papers in which it expresses its views on the unified standard IEC/ISO 17305; the union of (EN) ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 and the new version of (EN) ISO 14119. The documents offer system designers, manufacturers of interlock devices, machinery and equipment producers suppliers, a comprehensive overview on the global implications of these changes which, whatever one might think of them, need to be heeded.

Safety for all. The sense of these studies was synthesized by Derek Jones, business development manager of the company and head of TÜV Rheinland functional safety.
«Trying to match different standards to different geographical areas can be frustrating, as well as take some time» , the manager considers. «Global trade implies global standards and the growing adoption, a bit all over of ISO standards and IEC is certainly help.
As for me, they are my first point of reference when I think of a solution that is acceptable at international level that concerns machine safety aspects. This white paper analyses the main changes in depth and their impact on the industry».

Who has time … The publication of the new IEC/ISO 17305 standard is expected by 2016, says Derek, meanwhile, it would be very useful to examine the (EN) ISO 13849 and IEC 62061guidelines.
The reason? «The companies that are already familiar with these two standards will have no difficulty with the unified standard. Their union, in fact, will not introduce significantly different requirements but mostly help to clarify and simplify. «For example – the expert continues – we went from the relatively simple approach of EN 954 categories to the most complex that includes PL (Performance Level) of the (EN) ISO 13849 and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) standard of IEC 62061. « Overall this change was not exactly greeted with enthusiasm but most people recognize that a change was needed. This has not yet been completed and work has just begun with the merging of the standard (EN) ISO 13849 with IEC 62061.
The interlocking devices Probably the most significant change in the range of standards is related to the new version of (EN) ISO 14119. This looks at (also offering some guidance in this respect) the design and selection of interlocking devices with state-of-the-art technology, including complex electronic and programmable technology such as, for example, RFID encoding. Derek, along with business development consultant David Reade, point out that the rule clarifies a misconception about the interlocked shelters which designers will do well to pay attention to.