Its name has long been synonymous with pneumatics, but today Festo has achieved a position for itself in markets around the world as a supplier of comprehensive customisable products and services for automation, also electric.

And as a company strongly committed to R&D, as fully witnessed during the thirteenth international press conference at the end of September, at their headquarters in Esslingen.
The intense program of presentations was in fact focused on the “holistic” approach to the market, with the end of providing users with ad hoc solutions that can generate added value, and on the futuristic structures and instruments fielded in the true and proper glass and metal city that has sprung up in the green surroundings of Stuttgart.

But aboveall on the results of the Festo’s Research: a research  that not only aims to improve the products of the German multinational, but also engaged in sophisticated motion studies that have resulted (this  the star of the event) in a robot kangaroo prototype, able to reproduce the animal’s jump obeying to the gestures of its “trainer”. Together with the magic of contactless movement made with the new superconductors SupraMotion 2.0, and projects of Ulm energy accumulation research centre (with which Festo cooperates by providing equipment and knowhow), it catalyzed the attention of the technical press of the entire world. On our FaceBook page a first report.