Guidolin Girotto gives a live demo of its latest technologies for flatbed, rotary and laser diecutting. Objective: serve the emerging markets and all the applications that demand the maximum in terms of precision, construction and flexibility.

Guidolin Girotto Srl is an Italian builder of diecutters, recognized at international level for its dynamism, its sensitivity to the evolution of the market and its commitment to innovation. Hence the success of its recent open house organized at the beginning of April at its Vigevano (PV) headquarters to present Italian and foreign customers with its latest technological developments.    The response was above expectations, judged as “extremely encouraging” by the selfsame entrepreneurs, normally not very inclined to use the rhetoric of superlatives. In the limelight the new technologies developed by the Pavia based concern for precision diecutting: laser, flatbed and rotary diecutting systems where several leading edge solutions have been implemented, capable of considerably improving the performance of machines. In this case too – the company underlines – the activity of R&D has been guided by the objective of best serving the user who, in such advanced systems, find the tools suited to win over new markets and work with a profit in evermore demanding sectors. Key aspects and competitive advantages: flexible and at the same time reliable systems that ensure perfect results.

The new chapter of laser
The attention to the developments in applied research and to the market dynamics have led the company to include laser cutting among its specialties. With this technology – Guidolin Girotto underlines – sizeable production can be carried out without the use of dies, with considerable savings in costs; on top of that the laser enables particular operations to be carried out, like for example microperforation.
Another considerable advantage consists in the flexibility of the system that in actual fact can be combined with rotary diecutting and today can also be integrated on flatbed diecutters thanks to a recent system patented by the company. With this latter configuration, the user can cut without dies over a broad area and at the same time carry out special jobs which only the laser enables.                 

Many examples of customization on show in the Vigevano works, where cleanliness and order blend with the imagination of the technicians.

At the open house Guidolin Girotto reserved a special encounter and a particular attention for each guest. Customers from all over the world were able to view the vast range of diepunching and cutting lines manufactured custom by the Vigevano concern.

Certified and custom
Guidolin Girotto Srl designs and builds for ‘kiss’ or total cutting of flexible technical materials, following certified quality standards (ISO 9001). Its diecutting lines find application in different fields, including, primarily, for the cutting of adhesives and biadhesive products, neutral or printed labels, foam, plastic and in the automotive, electronics, medical and other segments. This is why they are designed with criterion of maximum flexibility in order to achieve solutions “tailored” to each customer: the machines are configured ad hoc and equipped with optional systems best suited to the material to be processed, taking due account of the production process which they are part of.

Dynamism is, however, the distinctive feature of the Pavia based manufacturer. Set up in the early 90s from the collaboration of the two founders, Daniela Girotto and Davide Guidolin, the company focussed first on the flatbed die cutters to go onto in the year two thousand, to rotary and ultimately to laser cutting. Their Italian, European and international customers can follow developments by visiting the stands of Guidolin Girotto in the many trade shows around the world.
With equal care and effectiveness, the company follows the activities of customer service: technical assistance, training and annual planned maintenance operations, but also, if requested, training focused on the different applications.