State of the art equipment for converters by Camis.

Camis Srl supplies tailored solutions for rotogravure printing, narrow and medium web, with one-off and special installations. The concern is also always busy developing solutions for installing flexographic plates, which are now firmly established in the concern’s core business. In this field, among the Lombardy-based concern’s offer, of particular interest is a system capable of optimizing plate-mounting and double-sided adhesive tape application (photo 1), which carries significant advantages by reducing machine stops and enhancing the quality and repeatability of printing.
Plate mounter: key components The Camis plate mounter’s Taper Slide makes it possible to apply double-sided adhesive tape onto sleeves and cylinders mechanically, using a motorized system that guarantees consistently high quality for the duration of an operation. What’s more, this device prevents the formation of air bubbles, creases and stretch marks, and it enables taping strips with perfect ends, reducing consumption and materials costs at the same time. The system also reduces waste and, with the help of a special metallic strip, prevents damage to the sleeves.
Users of this system report significant increases in print quality due to a superior definition and dot gain, in addition to the effective reduction in machine stops caused by misapplication of the tape. The Taper Slide is an exclusive feature of Camis plate-mounters and can be supplied in widths between 620 and 1400 mm.
Register mounting is monitored by high zoom cameras, available in manual or motorized versions, with CNC control and touch screen interface. Their optics have manual focus and can therefore detect anomalies that automatic systems would conceal. Laser sights enable quickly centering on micro dots and exes, while a LED projector lights up the plates.
Finally, the simplicity of this plate mounter fosters repeatability of operations and thus enhances the consistency of performance. With the help of a few important details, like the support crossbeams on the cameras and mandrel, and a reliable sleeve changeover system.

New removal solution. Called Camis DM (photo 2), the new automatic plate removal system reduces materials waste and time for operations. Its distinctive features include the main roller press, made in such a way as to prevent damage to the polymer or polyester support during disassembly, and the slave roller, which grants the correct plate tension, preventing folds or stretching.
Camis DM thus guarantees plate reusability, and therefore the economy of the printing process as a whole. In order to optimize workflows and maximize all advantages, it can be integrated with the Taper Slide.