KBA-Flexotecnica presents at Converflex the printing section of its EVOXD range of central drum sleeved gearless flexographic machines.

The EVOXDs print up to 8 colors with printing width up to 1500 mm, on a range of formats that span from a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 1100 mm. They can use solvent or water-based inks and reach a speed of 500 m/min.
Designed to combine quality and efficiency with the need to contain initial investments and costs, these machines present an exciting innovation for ventilation with a new final bridge dryer that enables minimized energy consumption, to the benefit of the environment and overall process economy.
The robust mechanical structure integrates accessory equipment with a compact design conceived to reduce changeovers and optimize flow. These machines are also equipped with an automatic A.I.F. impression setting system, which drastically reduces waste, as well as a series of ergonomic solutions to enhance performance.