The success of Due Emme International Printing Equipment multifunctional sleeve storage system continues.

These modular vertical sleeve preservation systems have recently had important new technical-functional features added that have drawn the attention and met the approval of many manufactures in both Italy and abroad. Significant, on this count, their contract with Flexofol: the distinguished German company that is part of the Schur Flexible Group chose the Milanese company’s sleeve storage system to solve its storage needs. Flexofol, founded in 1993 and specialised in the production of composite films, has a workforce of more than 70 and works over three daily work shifts. It recently signed the order with the Italian supplier, considering the technical-functional characteristics and the favourable quality-price ratio of the system.
«Our sleeve storage system – Due Emme brand and account manager Mario Pietro Corazzari comments – is the proof that to be competitive, also on an economic level, you don’t necessarily have to relocate abroad. Our company proudly designs and produces everything in Italy, and successfully so».