Displaying the production processes makes the use of Robatech hot melt applicators and pattern controllers safer and more efficient: structure and functions of the  RobaVis ™ touchscreen.

Technological progress in recent years has significantly changed the functionality of melters and controllers, creating complex products and processes and requiring increasingly advanced competencies from operators. At the same time, however, touch screen systems have become a fact of daily life, enabling the visualization and intuitive use of many industrial systems. With RobaVis™, the Swiss multinational Robatech, specialized in the development and production of instruments for adhesives application, supplies its users a touch screen designed to drastically simplify the functioning of its hot melt applicators, increasing their productivity.

A clear and logical structure
Whether setting temperatures, controlling pump functioning, creating adhesive application programs or exchanging data, with RobaVis™ operations are represented in a simple, logical and clear manner. After a simple initial setup, requiring no study of complex programming methods or resorting to technical manuals for identifying alarms or errors, the tool is ready for use, enabling display of only that which the operator needs for routine tasks.
A few examples: all functions are represented by symbols to guide the user with clarity to the right setup fields; the operational fields are grouped following a “smart” logic in order to meet the user’s day-to-day needs. Moreover, the program library can be easily integrated with the desired photos or graphics, helping the operator and improving the safety and efficiency of the production process.
With RobaVis programming production lines is considerably accelerated, in that it is possible to adjust all settings during production and configure a new program without any interruption. Older Robatech systems, also equipped with ICS-A and CLS electronics, can be updated and integrated with a touch screen panel.