It took place last June but had a “tail” of additional visits throughout the month of July. «And which will resume in autumn» sales executive in digital printing Macchingraf Daniela  Galli announced with justified optimism.

We are talking about the open house entitled “Print, Look, Touch!!!” organized by Macchingraf and Scodix at the Ancora graphic arts, to show the two Heidelberg digital printers and the Scodix finisher up and running, installed at the Milanese printers that –  as manager Delio Remondini stressed for the occasion – is investing «resources and personnel in finishing and enhancing printed matter and in the search for market niches that enable the great potential of the art of printing to be expressed».
Two family “C” Linoprints

During the open house the Digital Printing head of Macchingraf Mauro Luini along with Alessandro Mambretti illustrated the features of the two machines purchased by Ancora. The CP Linoprint in particular has shown itself to be  productive while offering top quality in production runs of any length, and more generally for the flexibility, scalability and the large number of its inline finishing options. The excellent price-performance ratio, the fast start-up and waste minimized, and the ability to also print white as the fifth color of the smaller Linoprint CV was also highlighted…

Touching Scodix close to   
But it was the demo on Scodix S75 that prompted the greatest public involvement,  who were able to see its  visual and tactile effects, in fact, obtained in one single machine pass, for themselves. Glitter and gold, contrasts between shiny and matte and other types of finishing were performed live by Ancora’s expert technicians, turning “normal” good prints  into great products of sure impact.
Interest and curiosity

At the end of the demonstrations Luini expressed great satisfaction due both the number of visitors registered as well as for the interest aroused by the Heidelberg  technology (which we reiterate in April completed the acquisition of PSG Group owned by Macchingraf, Ed).
«One of the strengths of this event – said Luini – was the presence of both printers as well as print buyers, especially from the world of luxury and fashion. They appreciated the new technological standards achieved with these machines and realized the opportunities offered by the fifth color on the Linoprint but also the great productivity of Linoprint CP, presented here for the first time in Italy.
As for the finishes that can be achieved on the Scodix … it’s shame not to see them».