For the first time, Herma (an adhesive materials specialist) pairs plastic films with 42Lpp adhesive: removable and free of plasticizers, it is certified by ISEGA for direct contact with food products, whether dry, humid or greasy.

The adhesive’s most important features include residue-free separation from a diverse range of surfaces and its broad compatibility with food products, factors previously considered practically irreconcilable.
These results with an acrylic dispersion adhesive are obtained thanks to the multilayer technology developed by the company.

Indeed a special middle layer enables completely forgoing plasticizers, which usually stick to the substrate and lubricate the material of the label. Labels with 42Lpp thus offer superior aesthetic and physical resistance.  Another advantage: the removable adhesive 42Lpp is also available in a standard version with plastic materials, using a white PP plastic film (type 880), a transparent PP film (type 885) and a white PE film (type 851).