Edigit International, specialists in the formulation of management software for printing companies, will be presenting its latest innovations at Grafitalia. Featuring mobile applications and the E-Commerce web-to-print platform.

Edigit has been established for twenty years in the field of management software for printing companies. At Grafitalia its technicians wil be there to provide free demonstrations of the features and capabilities of the latest products designed and developed to meet the specific needs of this sector. Here, summing things up, are the main ones.
• UT-Digital is the new integrated management system, designed to provide digital printing companies all the tools necessary to simply and effectively carry out an accurate control of production processes. It is a modular software which enables job management with the storage of the files received by clients, and to make estimates quickly and accurately, by automatisms and sales lists modifiable for each customer and product type. The customer offering is customizable, forwardable with automatic sending by e-mail, and the same document may contain several varying estimates. UT-Digital also enables the monitoring of commercial management, progress in production, automatically read and calculate times, and manage the job orders, the final balance and the issuance of notes and invoices.
• Enterprise-64 is a software for highly structured concerns. Completely modular and integrated, it is available in five versions: Digital for highly structured digital companies; Label for labelmakers; Packaging for converters and packaging manufacturers; Flexo for flexographic printers; Postpress for bookbinding businesses. Enterprise-64 meets all needs, from pre-press to postpress, and enables the management of estimates, jobs, CRM, balances, inventory as well as orders. It is integrated with accountancy and implements management control via Business Intelligence.
• E-Commerce is an advanced business platform exclusively dedicated to printing companies, with a structure and design appropriate to the Edigit software content, with which it integrates 100%. It enables the sale of products and services on the web, and is fully customizable  both in terms layout and graphics as well as contents. It has a very intuitive interface that enables a rapid and efficient management by printing companies as well as by the final customer. After the start-up the online printing company becomes operational in a just few days.
• APP iEdigit enables control and management operations on the move, via a smartphone or tablet: you can check and estimate the outcome of a  commercial visit, progress in producition and view client records, offers and order confirmations, send them by mail… The all-new Around Me enables you to locate clients in a set km range, visualize records and document history, call contacts etc. It also enables the viewing of accounting data to control at any time the economic-financial situation of the company.                                       

E-Commerce for printers
Since March the new Edigit website dedicated to web-to-printe-commerce solutions for digital and offset printing companies is online. It can be reached at: www.e-commercestampa.it and illustrates the functions of the Edigit e-commerce platform, its advantages and its integratability with the company management software.
An entire section dedicated to the operation of e-commerce explains step by step how to buy and sell ponted matter online with the help of explanatory screens. From the site you can also access to the free demo version of Edigit E-Commerce, where the user can test all the features: from the product configurator to the estimate engine, to the simulation of online payment. The system is fully customizable, in its layout, contents and graphics.