Currently the Acimga associates are 41 and represent the Italian offer of printing, converting and paper&board making machines. You can find them, listed  per type of product, in the five macro categories of preprint, print, converting, binding and shipment, auxiliary products and equipment.
In the colored boxes the same companies are grouped per product outlet sector: graphic arts, commercial printing, publishing, converting+packaging and “other”.
(Source: Acimga)

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ACE di Barbui Davide & Figli Srl
Hall A Stand 421

Antistatic systems and more
Ace has established itself as an innovative manufacturer of systems for the control of electrostatic charges. Its flagship product is the ESA system for rotogravure printing, with top or direct loading, and the most recent project is the anti-static bar BB Londual, premiered last Drupa and extremely well-received by the market. Thanks to the pulsed DC technology, the new bar neutralizes static electricity even over great distances; furthermore, it incorporates all the required electronics, preventing users from having to install high voltage cables and external power supply cabinets.
Over the past 10 years Ace has also established itself as a top supplier of dust suppression facilities, with contact- and non-contact solutions, and niche products such as the recent special machine for the vertical washing of flexo plates for printing on corrugated board.

Apex Group
Hall 3 Stand C09-D10

High performance flexo cylinders
The Flexo (R)evolution project devised by Apex Group of Companies ensures flexo sector operators work standardization (thanks, first of all, to the benefits of uniformity and control), improved printability, reduced downtime and increased profitability.
Heart of the solution, the Apex GTT (Genetic Transfer Technology) cylinders made in hybrid ultra-resistant ceramic and a constant emission laser etching technology for the creation of open slide channels. The GTT patent has enabled work of consistent quality with better integrated performance and even higher quality offset printing and gravure. At Converflex the company will be showing their four-color Pantone® simulation samples, printed on superdefinite halftone screen, the Apex  GTT system and its "intelligent" software.

Bacciottini Group
Hall 1 Stand F11

An original creasing and perforating machine
International leader in the production of creasing machines, Bacciottini Grafitalia illustrates all the features of the innovative DG Line 8000 Touch creasing and perforating machine. Evolution of the already established DG LINE, the new machine is ideal for companies that work in "print on demand" mode and in digital printing. In particular, the machine guarantees works of excellent quality also on substrates with thicknesses up to 400 g/sqm, without losing anything in ease of use. Equipped with a practical and intuitive touchscreen panel, it has a top speed of 8,000 sheets/h and manages 20 operations for each program. Its enormous success and the appreciation expressed by the operators since its launch on the market are all praise to the innovative slant of the Bacciottini Group.

Bieffebi SpA
Hall 3 Stand L19
Leading technology for flexography

Bieffebi has been producing flexographic printing press mounting machines since 1955. At the international Italian converting show the Emilian company will be presenting 343 VM: a machine designed to respond to the demands for flexibility and effectiveness expressed by the market. This solution in fact enables the carrying out, with the same system, of both the mounting as well as quality control of all the equipment and materials used by converters: sleeves, aniloxes, tapes, plates.

Bosch Rexroth
Controls for printing and converting
Bosch Rexroth updates IndraMotion for Printing: the range of controls for applications in the printing and converting sectors is enhanced with the Safe Logic control module, on which safety functions certified up to level SIL3 can be implemented. The integration of Safe IOs (certified up to level SIL3) and the activation of SafeMotion drive functions on board are made through CIP Safety on Sercos, making flexible and economical safety certification in distributed multi-axis applications, as well as in the the modular ones typical of printing and converting machinery. By integrating logic, motion control, safety and advanced functions like integrated register control in the same controller, Rexroth is offering an innovative and modular platform for developing scalable high performance applications that are certified for the printing and converting sectors.

BP Agnati Srl
Italian corrugators

Established worldwide for the quality and innovation of its corrugated cardboard systems, BP Agnati offers "a 100% Italian manufactured" range which includes machinery and complete plants for the production of corrugated cardboard, dedicated automation and control systems, spare parts and assistance.
Among their latest innovations we cite:
• Quantum Corrugator (photo), a highly compact corrugation line (45-50 m) for narrow web (1.3 to 1.8 m), featuring revolutionary concepts and technology for normal and very light paper;
• the new Vantage brand corrugating line, with web widths from 1.8 to 2.8 m and speeds up to 400 m/min;
• the new Vantage SF corrugator unit for standard and special products, which also enables working with extremely light paper. Its main features are: absence of critical speeds, variable corrugator pressure, non metallic keyed press cylinder, low maintenance costs, corrugate change in 5 minutes;
• in-line laminators.

Camozzi SpA
Electronic proportional micro regulator
The K8P series electronic proportional micro regulator is the result of Camozzi SpA’s experience, in particular its development of the miniaturized K8 valve. The new K8P guarantees excellent pressure regulation, high dynamism and self regulation of performance with low energy consumption; more generally, it guarantees high performance in all applications that require high precision, quick response time and low consumption. This regulator manages outlet pressure by operating two K8 monostable valves in correspondence to the inlet signal (0-10 V DC) and the retroactivity of the pressure sensor inside. K8P has integrated a self-adjusting function into the control algorithm in order to guarantee maximum performance, regardless of the volume being managed.

Cason SpA
Hall 3 Stand H19 K12
Cutting rewinders for the converting industry

At Converflex 2013, Cason focuses on consolidating its leadership in the Italian and European markets of cutting rewinders for the converting industry. The fair is also the perfect occasion for presenting to Italian and foreign operators the best-selling cutting rewinder in its range, called Innova Biback HPO. This model is the result of Cason SpA’s aptitude for continuous improvement, reflecting the innovative and practical spirit of a concern that has founded its creative model on principles of technological updates and convenience of use.
Biback HPO’s success is emblematic of how “Made in Cason” solutions are appreciated not only for the concern’s capacity for offering commercially balanced proposals in short time, but also for the quality of its products: a quality that translates into robustness, innovation and reliability.

Cerutti Packaging Equipment SpA
Hall 3 Stand A29-B22

For a more flexible and competitive print
The Cerutti group presents at Converflex 2013 a few of its latest solutions for the packaging printing and converting market: in particular, the two concerns Cerutti Packaging Equipment and Flexotecnica (the latter in the process of being acquired by KBA, Editor’s note) display their most important lines in terms of competitiveness and flexibility.
Cerutti Packaging Equipment brings two print elements to the show: the first, of the 980 series, is an operator-friendly solution adapted for a wide variety of markets thanks to an extremely flexible changeover; the second, of the 1080 series, as an off-the-shelf solution with high technology and an extremely competitive price. At the stand it is displayed in its basic configuration, equipped with a trolley that is easily managed by the operator.

Delsar Lame Srl
Hall 3 Stand K09-L10

Quality blades for quality cutting
A historic enterprise in the industrial blades sector, Delsar Lame (Trezzano sul Naviglio, MI) produces circular knives, linear smooth and dentellated blades, pneumatic cutting units, used in the packaging, nonwovens, textile, plastic and tissue industries. In addition to the quality of its products, the concern’s strong point is a market approach that prioritizes services and is considerate toward the user who invests considerable sums for the acquisition of a cutting line and the importance of adopting quality changeover systems. In fact, although circular knives and blades are generally considered commonplace tools, only by combining highly professional products can one guarantee a high performance cutting unit.

Erhardt+Leimer Srl
Hall 3 Stand H09

In line measurement, radiation free
In the wake of its success at Drupa 2012, at Converflex Erhardt+Leimer presents Eltim: its new in line system for measurement and control of weight, thickness and humidity. This device features a unique conception and no radioactive sources, which, thanks to its modular and streamlined structure, guarantees high precision measurements without the use of specific calibration and standardization procedures for different types of materials.
Eltim can be installed on extrusion, lamination, spreading, pressing and glazing lines for various materials; it can be used on new or pre-existing installations to substitute obsolete radioactive units, which carry high management and maintenance costs. The system is available in an open-loop configuration, with statistical measurements, and in closed-loop, with loop closure and adjustment, and Erhardt+Leimer proposes it as a technical and economical solution suitable for various types of requirements.

Flexotecnica SpA
Hall 3 Stand A29-B22
Central drum flexo with gearless sleeve press

At Converflex 2013 Flexotecnica presents its Evoxd range of central drum flexographic printers with gearless sleever. On show, 8 color machines with 1,270 mm print web capable of processing a range of formats from a minimum of 350 to a maximum of 1,070 mm.
EVOXD was designed in order to satisfy the growing demand for efficient quality production that keeps investment costs down. Its performance is made possible by the robust mechanical structure of its printing components, the low energy consumption made possible by its compact design and the rationalized integration of the accessory equipment (aimed at reducing changeovers and improving process efficiency), in addition to an exciting innovation in the ventilation of the final phase, which further reduces energy consumption.
The Evoxd series machines perform high quality prints at a speed of up to 500 m/min, with quick changeovers aimed at reducing machine stops and improving operational times.

Gama Srl
Hall 3  Stand H19-K12
Automatic control of viscosity, pH and temperature

In cooperation with I&C, that is supporting its commercial growth, Gama is extending its offer of control systems, belt-guides and format counters for packaging, labels and converting. At Converflex, among other things, it will be launching it automatic vibration technology systems for viscosity, pH and temperature control. They are available in the two models: VIS G28 for solvent based inks, ideal for publishing, and VIS G29 for waterbased inks used in flexo and gravure printing. VIS G29 automatically implements the required corrections through by adding a stabilizer, thus maximising the print quality and machine performance. On top of that the machine transmits the required information in real time, issues an end-of-production report and enables  the storing of the set-up and “job” parameters for future reprints. All the data can be sent to the management system for the analysis of the production costs. Gama will be presenting other new features at the fair, including the offline G100 system for reading density values and color scale corrections.

Grafikontrol SpA
Hall 3 Stand C19-D12
Total control of the print process

Founded in 1969, today Grafikontrol is an international leader in industrial graphics controls: register controls, ribbon inspection and color controls for rotogravure, flexo and web offset printers. The concern’s latest creations for the packaging sector are mainly dedicated to ribbon inspecting for observing print defects (statistics and 100% control) and measuring color line.
The most exciting additions include Grafikscan 3000, a visualizer for 100% defect inspection that performs a complete check on the entire print process, cataloging any defects detected and supplying a precise production analysis in real time. Grafikscan 2200, on the other hand, is equipped with a statistical inspection module and checks print quality using special interactive register softwares. It also verifies barcodes and performs color monitoring and minimizes production waste and end users complaints.
Finally, the CR33-CR34s are color register controls for rotogravure

Imaf SpA
Hall 1 Stand M11-N14

Products and equipments for printing and preprinting
Imaf SpA is a renowned Italian chemical manufacturer that operates in the graphic arts sector. Founded in 1961, in short time the concern has assumed an important role in the field of products for printing and preprinting, especially dampening additives and solutions for printing machines cleaning. Imaf also produces various kinds of equipment: exposers for pre-sensitized plates; developers for pre-sensitized, analog and CTP, thermal and UV plates; a complete plate treatment line made up of development, retouching, washing and rubberization, kilns and stackers; plate stackers; plate washers; refrigerators for maintaining dampening solutions; equipment for inverse osmosis; economizers for the water used for washing by developers for films and plates.

IMS Deltamatic SpA
Hall 3 Stand F23-G22
Slitter rewinder for paper and cardboard

At Converflex 2013 IMS Deltamatic will show a single shaft, centre driven slitter rewinder model GM3. It is a compact, sturdy and competitive machine, allowing the production of reels with large diameter, with high quality and with optimal efficiency and precision.

Inglese Srl
c/o Stand EskoArtwork
Hall 1 K09- L14, K17- L20
Photopolymer plates and workflows

Inglese Srl is the exclusive importer in Italy of Toray Torelief® photopolymer plates with water development, analogic or digital, for flexo, dry-offset, letterpress. Furthermore, the Emilian concern represents EskoArtwork in Italy and is capable of supplying users all information necessary for optimizing workflows.
Esko digital flexographic technologies, among which stands out HD Flexo, supply the tools for upgrading one’s production cycle in order to quickly evolve in step with the industrialization

Lohmann Italia Srl
Hall 3 Stand H29-K30
A new plate-mounting bi-adhesive tape

With a long history stretching back over 160 years, Lohmann, the German multinational producer of adhesive tapes, is a leader in Flexo plate mounting solutions. Well aware that the right choice of plate mounting tape plays a major role in determining the appearance of the print image, Lohmann’s graphics team has extended its product range by developing a new plate mounting tape: DuploFlex Maxx. Its new adhesive properties reduce edge lifting. Like the proven DuploFlex 5 range from Lohmann, this new plate mounting tape is also characterised by its ease of handling, easy removal and a perfect print result. Customers can choose from four different foam hardnesses, which permit fine runs as well as dense ink coverage.

Nordmeccanica Group
Hall 3 Stand G29-H26
Not only exhibition…

Nordmeccanica won’t miss Converflex 2013 and takes the opportunity to organize an open house with the objective of presenting its many laminators currently in production at its Piacenza facilities.
During the open house, lamination tests will also be conducted on the Super Combi 3000. Furthermore, a visit to the new Laboratory, adjacent the production site, will be organized. The lab is equipped for research & development of new products and testing on behalf of its customers: a structure that serves as an evidence of the Piacenza concern’s technological commitment.

Omet Srl
Hall 3 Stand H21-K22
Reception at the fair, machines at the open house

A "leap" in the history of the Lombard company, the world's leading narrow and medium web printing and tissue converting concern, from its foundation in 1963 to the success of today. Thus Omet welcomes visitors to its stand at Converflex, but also at its production site in Lecco, which it will open its gate for the entire duration of the event to enable visitors to gain first hand experience of the most innovative technologies and attend live demonstrations
Three the machines to be presented at the Omet technology centre in Lecco: a Varyflex V2, a XFlex X6 equipped with new  offset units and sleeves and a XFlex X4, which combines tradition – the printing cylinder – with the most advanced electronics. A free shuttle bus service will be available to visitors en route from Milan to Lecco and back.

Petratto Srl
Hall 1 Stand F27-G30
Folder-gluer and beyond

At Grafitalia 2013 Petratto is presenting its most successful production lines as well as some essential new features. The spearhead product of the Piedmontese company, which designs and manufactures machines for paper converting post-printing, are their folder gluers.
In particular two models will be spotlighted at the fair:
– Metro, versatile and modular, for all conventional and special  processes  that  cannot be achieved on conventional machines;
– Digi Folder Gluer, small in size but large format, able to process converting products printed using digital or other means. Petratto’s range is completed by the Batfold and Cordoba scoring machines and the new D-Sig brand thread saddle stitchers.

Re SpA Controlli Industriali
Hall 3 Stand B29-C28
A newly developed pneumatic brake

Re Controlli Industriali, international leading light in process automation for working laminates, at Converflex will be presenting its new and innovative pneumatic brake EXtreme. Its performance is the result of years of experience in converting and continuous research done by the R&D section of the company that has introduced and tested materials that are innovatory and unique.
High performance, compactness, ease of use and installation, minimal maintenance costs and respect for the environment and the health of the operator are some of the features that make EXtreme a brake without equal. Fully patented in both design and operating principle, EXtreme XT10 ushers in a new generation of industrial brakes.

Rossini SpA
Hall 3 Stand C21-D22
Sleeves: all the new features on show

Rossini SpA leading gravure and flexographic printing sleeve and sleeve-carrier systems manufacturer, at Converflex 2013 will be presenting a host of technological previews.
The focal point of the display, an innovative flexographic lightweight sleeve prototype, able to guarantee absolute stability for 3 years. Alongside the same, the Starbridge Carrier with mechanical locking by injection of air is another element of particular interest, as well as the exclusive Evolution drum washer, which has met with a very positive market response since its first presentation at the last Drupa. Another new feature of the Equipment Division is the PhotoClean plate washing machine.
Lastly, visitors to Rossini’s stand will be able to see the established Speedwell   gravure and Everstat flexographic printing sleeves, as well as the new Everglass range for narrow-web machines.

Schmersal Italia Srl
Safety interlock

Schmersal offers its AZM 300 safety interlock with individual coding and adjustable restraining force. It’s main characteristics: the latest generation adjustable restraining force system, with no additional element required (like door blocks or restraints); individual RFID coding; wide drive tolerance. In addition, AZM 300 meets the PL and Safety Integrity Level 3 prerogatives. This new safety solution has been developed directly consulting the user, particularly in the packaging sector, which shows the need for a  safe  as well as compact, universally applicable, and encoded interlock with a restraining force that can be modified to suit specific system demands. Not to be underrated, in addition, the hygiene requirements, especially in terms of storage related production procedures. This is why the new AZM 300 is resistant to many aggressive washing products and, thanks to its IP69K class protection, is suitable for use in environments with high hygiene standards.

Simec Group Srl
Hall 3 Stand A19
Flexo printing: all-round anilox

The choice of an anilox roll is not always easy nor standardized: each customer operates in specific production conditions, often with equipment from different manufacturers and technologies that is not always state-of-the-art. Backed by the expertise gained in over 50 years, Simec is able to offer the products, technical support and resources needed to give its customers all-round support. First of all with a wide range of engravings (ranging from conventional type engravings to those of the new generation intended to work in HD) and a complete and guaranteed process control. Both design and production take place in Italy, in one of the most advanced facilities in the world, where each product is subjected to quality control tests that provide guaranteed 100% repeatability, enabling  "0 km" deliveries.
The company has been running a diagnostic service for two years, that enables its customers to monitor the aniloxes and provides statistics in terms of problems of use and the nature and frequency or reworkings.
The Simec Starlox rollers and sleeves are encoded and presented by the major international flexographic printing press  manufacturers; currently they are used by more than 3000 customers in 95 countries worldwide.

Sitma Machinery SpA
A wrapping machine for publishing

The new Sitma 1005-BW is designed to operate at high speeds (up to 15,000 packs/h) using  neutral or printed plastic film, and therefore represents an ideal solution for printers and  companies specializing in mailing in medium volumes. It has a wide range of options – such as feeders for stitched or bound magazines, newspapers, for  various types of inserts and gadgets – and is able to wrap magazines and newspapers in different formats. It can also come with shrink tunnel and of various types of stackers, depending on the thickness of the product.
The machine has a touchscreen control panel mounted on a swivel arm for  very fast adjustments and format changes, and can provide remote access production data. It is also designed to address products using label print-outs or by ink-jet printing; this function can be subdivided according to the postal code.

Uteco Converting SpA
Hall 3 Stand D19-E12
Growing at the service of the customer

The continued growth of the Uteco Group in contrast to the general trend of the economy has imposed the Veneto based company on the international packaging print and converting machine market. In 2012 turnover exceeded 100 million euros, with a cash flow that not only entails complete financial autonomy, but also the opportunity to make significant investments in several directions. And if economic growth is definitely a basic goal of Uteco, so too is the respect for the environment. Without losing sight of the needs of customers, served with the aim of providing them with the tools to face the challenges of a continuously changing market.
The presence at Converflex of this "pocket size multinational" will be focussed on the latest technological developments not only involving the machines for flexo printing, that have always been the core business of the group, but also and aboveall gravure, laminating and special machinery. At the same time as the fair, Uteco is organizing an open house in its Colognola ai Colli site (Verona), in cooperation with its technological partner DuPont.