From Imballagi P.K. highly effective and practical glue dots and dispensers. The performances can be differentiated according to user needs.

Imballaggi P.K. is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Glue Dots™, a practical multi-purpose and instantaneous gluing system, requiring no warm-up time.
Aboveall Glue Dots™ are non-toxic, do not emit fumes and do not burn; they are also very easy to use, are sold in convenient dispenser boxes and do not require the use of any type of equipment.

Gluing flexible Enabling clean, efficient gluing, that does not leave residue, these glue dots are available with three different degrees of adhesion: Low Tack, for temporary gluing and easy to remove on any surface; High Tack, removable from most surfaces; Super High Tack, with permanent adhesion on matt surfaces but removable from plastic objects. Suitable for a host of applications, they are hence used to glue samples to catalogues, for all types of cards, product inserts, coupons, forms and much more.
Glue Dots can also be used with the applicator Dot Shot Pro, a practical dispenser for applying removable glue dots directly to the object to be glued. This aid, complementary to the dispenser box, further expedites application through a simple rolling of the applicator head over the surface on which the dot is to be applied. The dispenser contains a roll of 1500 glue dots and is easy to charge and use, thanks to its light weight (it weighs only 600 g, including the roll).
And the dispensers? Economical! Imballaggi PK also offers the practical and economical Mini Tape tape dispensers, in versions 5 (minimum 5 mm) and 20 (minimum 20 mm). They can both be used with all types of adhesive and bi-adhesive tape, also reinforced, with widths from 12 to 50 mm and 132 meters in length. For larger sizes as an option, an extension of the outer support is available.    
Mini Tape are ideal in the field of the paper converting industry, for assembly and for closing smaller and lighter packaging.
In the range of Imballaggi PK tried and tested PS2/A can also be found: compact table dispensers, very sturdy, for automatic distribution that guarantees a high precision of measurement of both adhesive and bi-adhesive tape.