Control Techniques Unidrive M at Converflex 2013: innovative range of converters designed to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing industry and, specifically, the field of printing machines.

The Unidrive M family of converters by Control Techniques punctually meets the application requirements of printing machine manufactuers. In these converters, for example, the "machine controller" functionalities have been increased considerably, which include an advanced motor control system that comprises: the Torque Feed Forward disturbance alignment algorithm, increase of the bandwidth of the speed as well as position control (thereby increasing the motor control), algorithms for the compensation of cogging motor, automatic motor inertia + load calculation. All this is managed simply through automatic tuning, which allows you to get the maximum performance without having to employ personnel particularly experienced in start-up activites, and thus reducing the commissioning times.

A typical application – A complex printing press may use a model M700 to control the printing unit, a M200 to control the ink pump and a M800 for the winding control.
Unidrive M700, equipped as a standard with Advanced Motion Control and Real-Time Ethernet functions, enables a precise axial control while also performing register control. On the printing unit, the integrated Advanced Motion Control M700 enables high dynamic performance combined with high precision in the control of the plate axis to be attained. In addition, the onboard harmonic analysis system enables the checking and compensation for any mechanical resonances, guaranteeing in any condition a perfect control of the motor.
M200, however, has a module Fieldbus combined with excellent speed control and advanced tuning of the current loops. The combination of these features enables the attainment of the best performance in the management of the pump for dispensing ink.
As for M800, its advanced control algorithms for the management of brushless motors ("Advanced Current Control) coupled with the Safety Motion enable both an accurate motor control as well as to greatly simplify the machine layout. This makes the M800 an ideal drive for load control with variable inertia subject to eccentricity, typical of winders and rewinders.           
Control Techniques, an Emerson Industrial Automation company, is a leading worldwide provider of variable speed drives for controlling electric motors. In turn, Emerson Industrial Automation is a BU of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), and its mission is to develop technologies that improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of installation in a wide range of industries. Their global offering includes alternators, electric motors and drives, distribution devices and power transmission, fluid automation, ultrasonic plastic lamination techniques.