The drop in turnover in 2020, the vigorous recovery of business at the beginning of the year, the acceleration of the digitalization of products and services in view of 4.0, the new machines being launched….

First report from the international press conference held on 9 June, on the new vision and offerings of the Swiss group, in light of the key words that guide its development: connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability.

Exactly one year after the 2020 conference, in which Bobst announced disruptive innovations in strategy and product, the Swiss group returns to speak to the press about its vision and offer, and makes an appointment for the same date, 2022, for – finally – an in-person meeting.

As an aperitif, Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of the group, quantified the fallout of the pandemic on the 2020 turnover, down 16%, and mentioned the exceptional increase in cash flow, from 55 to 160 million Swiss francs. A slowdown is recorded in the labeling area, against a growth in both film and folding carton and corrugated.

The entrepreneur then recalled the “promises” (kept) of higher performance made last year and announced the new features, centered on the new cloud-based platform, called Bobst Connect.

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