Minimegaprint adds a HP Scitex FB 10000 to its machine yard and opens to the world of converting and packaging. The well-established service operating out of Rome thus offers itself as online provider of printing and finishing on cardboard, significantly broadening its range of products and services offered.

At the center of the new proposals, the impeccable quality of reproduction that is achieved thanks to 12 picoliters per drop guaranteed by the new HP technology, in addition to the very high production speeds. Based on these performances Minimegaprint has developed its new professional service, with which everyone can complete their converting project directly ordering the material and the desired format (microcorrugate, 3 ply cardboard or microeffe) and then mount their own print, cut and crease jobs at an extremely competitive rate. The procedure is extremely simple: the user places the order on the website and Minimegaprint sees to checking the print and cut files, activating the order and ensuring delivery (large contracts can be processed in 24 h).

With this service, graphic and advertising agencies can thus comfortably manage complete communication projects from their creation to the final product with just a few clicks. In this context, the creation of high quality prototypes or exhibitors’ samples and packaging is ensured in a very short time and at relatively low costs: features all the more necessary because, as a rule, exhibition products last as long as the promo campaign they are associated with and need to be frequently replaced.