Robatech Italia (Cesena, FC) presents Cartoglue-LP to the operators of the paper converting industry: a self-adhesive glue system, extremely flexible, which combines “Swiss” precision with real economic competitiveness.

Users of glue-n-fold systems know that bonding is a strategic phase along the production line, capable of decisively influencing final product quality and productivity of the entire line. This is why Robatech has presented the brand new Cartoglue-LP: an autonomous and independent system for application of vinyl glues, designed for the paper converting concern in search of the manufacturing flexibility needed to profitably handle ever smaller job lots.
Created with the aim of offering a "Swiss quality" system (Robatech is a multinational headed by a Swiss parent company) and at the same time, with an excellent quality/price ratio, Cartoglue-LP has enjoyed an immediate market success, operators appreciating the opportunity of availing themselves of a “competitively priced Robatech product”.
Where you want it, how you want it – Cartoglue-LP is placed on a sturdy aluminum trolley, easy to position anywhere on the line and move from one machine to another. The programmer is integrated in the trolley and users may decide the number of guns to be used on their own system; the original configuration can be changed simply at any time, adding new guns purchased at a later date. The equipment is also ideal for retrofitting of existing lines.
In the basic configuration, Cartoglue-LP includes all components necessary to ensure efficient use and high-performance, starting from the reliable double diaphragm pump up to the pressure regulator and, if required, going on to the proportional valve. The system enables the dispensing of glues with a viscosity of 2500 mPas at production speeds up to 400 m/min. Efficiency is also improved by the fact that the entire pump-filter unit is positioned on a stainless steel plate with motorised raising, which facilitates cleaning and glue change operations performed by the operator.
Glue detection devices can be installed on the system, a further guarantee of reliability. All guns (electromagnetically actuated) are equipped with independent photocells and are extremely small in size, enabling positioning even at the remotest points of the machine.