At the last Labelexpo Europe the Digital Flexo™ technology premiered by Gidue aroused curiosity and interest, substantiated by the purchase of three machines and many double-digit orders signed during the fair.

Introduced on the new machines of the Tuscan company – the M1 line for printing labels and light cardboard, the M3 line for labels and packaging and the and M5 for printing on unlimited substrates – the new technology was the subject of live demos with production waste always less than 10 m, constant results and without any human intervention in the set-up and adjustment phases.

Federico d’Annunzio, President of Nuova Gidue, summarizes the salient features: «A high resolution camera positioned on each printing unit collaborates with the process of automatic pressure adjustment, considerably reducing human intervention during set-up and production. Most of the adjustments made on the machine, therefore, such as the pre-register, the register and the printing pressure, are digitized, thanks to the presence of a sort of “digital operator” in front of each printing unit. Two the main advantages.

First and foremost a precise and accurate digital vision at all speeds, far greater than that of any “human” operator and, secondly, the maximum constancy and predictability of all digitized operations. As a result, a printing machine with the Digital Flexo™ system can not only boast the lowest percentage of waste on the market, it also constitutes the best solution for providing print and die-cutting jobs with a consistent and repeatable quality».