Ovit Srl, a longstanding actor in the field of offset pre-printing, presents at Converflex new packaging printing equipment, both offset and flexo.

• For flexography operators, the concern, which is based in Locate Triulzi (MI) offers various solutions for post-printing washing of plates and whole sleeves. In particular, Flexomatic is a completely automatic machine that performs in minutes washing of various plates, removal of ink and subsequent archiving and re-use. After nearly three years of life and various units installed in Italy and abroad (the Flexomatic is marketed worldwide), the system will now appear at the fair in a brand new revamped version, integrated with various stainless steel components.
At Converflex, Ovit also launches its new Sleevematic, which performs the same operations on the whole sleeves used in continuous printing processes. The machine has already passed beta testing and so is ready for industrial applications.
• For offset printing, the concern has focused on ecology, conservation and work quality. Ovit interprets these needs by presenting three of its flagship solutions: Renova Print, a tested washing solution filtering system that enables remarkable savings on consumables and a significant reduction in disposal costs; the AquaNova osmosis system guarantees a high quality standard for the water used to feed the printers, small or large format; the Eolo humidifier is used to guarantee the right percentage of humidity in the production area.
• Finally, Ovit continues to pay careful attention to color control, proposing densitometers and plate scanners, and guaranteeing (since 1995) distribution in Italy of all Pantone Guides: at the fair will be the new updated 2015 versions.