Acimga data on the performance of printing and converting machinery, and Federmacchine’s optimistic forecasts of recovery. The information provided by the webinars dedicated to the most promising foreign markets and the great industry encounter of 2021. And a first report from the webinar that the Paper and Italian Graphics Federation dedicated to the obligations and opportunities created by the national and EU green deal, and the new stage of the project to support companies.

The reports by the Acimga Study Center document , quarter after quarter, the performance of the Italian printing machinery industry during the year of the pandemic: from the dramatic -16.1% of orders acquired in the first quarter of 2020, which is limited to -1.4% in the following quarter (comparisons are with the same periods of the previous year) to register a more encouraging +1.3% in August-September. Uncertainty remains at the end of the year, where orders register a drop of -1.6% (+1% on foreign markets and -10.5% on the Italian domestic market) and expectations are equally divided between stability (50%) and variations: half for the better and half for the worse. And reparameterized on an annual scale, in 2020 orders are down 5.7% compared to 2019, with -12.7% domestic orders and -2.9% foreign orders (read HERE all the data for the last four months of 2020).

To contrast this, a recent press release by Federmacchine that, if on the one hand documents the great losses suffered by instrumental mechanics in the year of the pandemic (-17.9% on 2019), on the other hand prospects a decidedly encouraging  growth in 2021, with a +8.9% due to both exports (+10.8%) and deliveries on the Italian market (+12.4%): read HERE the text of the article.

So much suffering and so many difficulties have stimulated equally strong responses, even at the level of the associated industry. Among the initiatives put in place by the association of machine manufacturers Acimga to support the sector, we mention the series of webinars dedicated to the main outlet markets. The most recent ones focused on the United States of the new post-Trump administration and the  post-Brexit UK (read HERE a summary of the most interesting data and topics), but others will follow, modeled after the successful series at the end of 2020. This is the formula of the supply chain roadshow, which creates a link between the Italian companies that present themselves and the users and brand owners of the individual target markets with a particular cut: on the table the interpretation that each company puts in the field (and concretizes in organization, products and services) of the guiding themes of development: sustainability, industry 4.0, servitization.

From this point of view, the highlight of the year is the 2021 edition of the Print4All Conference-Future Factory. Scheduled for June 10 and 11, it announces itself as an “immersive, engaging, interactive and impactful experience, with “phygital” spaces designed to meet and expand its network, and at the same time reach a wide international audience”. The first edition of 2020, in full pandemic, has collected 1300 “virtual” participants from around the world, and this year relaunches, with speakers of international importance and updated topics to follow the rapid transformation of the world (read more HERE).

LATEST NEWS: new stage for the Sustainability Project of the Paper and Graphics Federation, launched a year ago to encourage the transition of companies in the supply chain towards a model of green and responsible development. The seminar that took place this morning, February 11, witnessed the scope, announced the next step of the program and hosted speakers active in the world of politics and finance to explain the many things that substantiate the concepts related to sustainability with cogency and new opportunities. And who expressed with alarming clarity how urgent it is to do – together – what the EU requires to access Recovery Plan funds and beyond. Read an initial report HERE, which we will expand on in the next issue of Converting.