Print reel-fed labels in color, economically, simply and quickly, for ones own sake or on contract: the features of the new VP700, distributed in Italy by Primetec.

A flexible production enables companies to stay in step with the times and to satisfy market demands: in all sectors, including packaging. Along with cost containment the same features as a strong competitive element, and sure key to success. In the world of labels – image bearer and strong stimulator of purchasing decisions – this  means, among other things, being able to track the modifications of all the standards regarding info on consumer goods (beverages, food, cosmetic or chemical products…) in real time, printing the new wordings whenever required. To respond to these demands ensuring flexibility and cost savings, Primetec offers the new VP700 by VipColor Europe, or that is a machine for color printing reel-fed labels, that also guarantee professional results in small-to-medium quantities.

The principle is in the head. VP700 uses a latest generation Memjet inkjet printhead, that enables four color process printing up to 210 mm wide at extremely high speeds (up to 18 metres a minute), without noise or smell. Furthermore a superior print quality is ensured, up to 1,600 dpi, and works both with continuous feed paper as well as pre-diecut labels. The Memjet head enables the printing of close cut labels (only in 1,600 x 1,600 dpi at 9 metres a minute), «ensuring the lowest print costs of its category, thanks to the jumbo sized cartridges» Primetec states.

Guaranteed kms. The design of the VP700 has unusual features and, among other things, provides the reel lodging (with 200 mm diameter) with a protective cover, so as to save the print area from the ambient dust and thus guarantee a better  lifespan of the printheads. The certainty of the reliability of the printer is given by the guarantee that can be measured in kms:  corresponding to 127 km of printed material.

“Soft” advantages. The new management software enables the cost of each single label to be estimated right from the work setting phase and without having to necessarily go on to the print phase. It also enables the reproduction of graphic, image and wording files, as well as the management of variable codes and simple 2D codes and barcodes on a whole range of types paper and plastic materials, provided they are inkjet compatible.

Quality, price and assistance. Primetec, specialised for years in reel-fed color digital print solutions, is the Italian partner of VipColor Europe and is also a service and assistance center for VP700: a solution proposed  like the Memjet printer offers an excellent quality-price ratio, both in terms of investment and in cost of print operations.