Ditom offers state of the art solutions for printers. Demonstrations at the concern’s showroom in Baranzate, just minutes away from EXPO 2015 and Milan’s fair district.

HD anilox with increasingly minute and fine-tuned cells, special geometries, plates with advanced alignment and definition… the quest for consistent print quality is becoming more and more challenging. Ditom offers solutions to prevent machine stops and material wastage.

Anilox cleaning. New DitomSounds generation installations, featuring an excellent quality/price ratio, for quick deep-cleaning of anilox cylinders and sleeves of any size, with washing tub, automatic rotation of one or more cylinders and USP system.
The Superior models are equipped with an additional tub for rinsing, an HD option for precision cleaning anilox cells (high quality) and a filtering system. All DitomSounds equipment can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs.

Post-print plate cleaning. Ditom plate cleaning systems are robust, simple to use and suitable for effective and quick washing of photopolymer plates. When combined with specific cleaning products for each ink type (UV, water or solvent based), they enable archiving plates ready for later reprints. The exclusive easy maintenance system is operator friendly.

Anilox cleaning service for web width up to 1600. The service “FULL” includes on-site interventions by a specialist technician (including nightshifts and holidays, by request) and anilox washing with specific detergents for the various ink types. Alternately, Ditom offers the service “RENT”, by which customers can rent out washing equipment for two or more days along with the necessary cleaners, and the “CLEAN” service for washing one or more anilox cylinders at the Ditom facilities or on-site.

“In line” cleaning integrated with printing machinery. Automatic dosage systems integrated with machinery to further extend cylinder lifespan, reducing machine stops and enabling startup of the washing cycle with the simple flip of a switch on the printer’s operator panel.
Importantly, this system uses products that remove even the most stubborn inks. Ditom offers a very wide range of detergents that, used by hand or combined with innovative systems, enable thoroughly cleaning every piece and component, guaranteeing consistent print quality. Washing demonstrations are being given in the company’s showroom.                                                               

Flexographic and typographic photopolymers
Since 1980, Ditom has imported directly from Japan:
• KODAK LETTERPRESS Miraclon plates with water development that do not break, have a long lifespan and enable numerous reprints.
They are ready in 30 minutes, leave no deposits after washing and are odorless. Suitable for letterpress and UV flexo printing.
• AQUAFLEX with water development for printing with all ink types. It features excellent definition, very long print runs and enables reprints.
• SOLVENT PHOTOPOLYMERS Excellent shoulder angle slope makes for more stable small dots and thin lines, and high definition prints. Excellent quality/price ratio.