ICR (Incisioni Cilindri Rotocalco) was set up in ’76  by a group of technicians and is hence particularly technologically development conscious.

A sensitivity that not only entails the close monitoring of the developments in products and processes and a constant commitment in research to benefit its customers, but also the testing of materials and machines on in-house production systems, carried out as a first step and with the full cooperation of its suppliers. And in the adoption of state-of-the-art systems, in order to attain ever  higher levels of process and product quality and cost effectiveness.
The latest investment concerned the installation of Kaspar Walter’s Autocon automatic line, capable of carrying out the entire cylinder working cycle. Autocon carries out all the steps from copper plating to engraving with its two HK500 G3 Twain, up to the final chrome plating; it also carries out intermediary controls on the geometrical structure and cylinder surface. ICR has also recently updated its Acigraf Exactus line for autotypical engraving with laser exposition, evermore appreciated on the adhesive, glue and embossing market, and has implemented a new management system plus a system for automating the workflows in the pre-press department.

Continuous improvement. ICR is hence run following principles of continuous improvement, all to the advantage of their customers, that are supported in their daily activities as well as in experimental phases and in the devising of new processes. The final objective is to always ensure the max yield and optimisation of start-up and color usage times – goals that the Origgio (VA) based company achieves also thanks to the adoption of the Color Management System, that ensures the linearization of the entire process and guarantees the repeatability of the result in time.
Currently ICR’s R&D experts are working in several directions towards: direct laser engraving on copper for gravure printing; direct laser printing on elastomers for flexography; digital printing for food packaging.