Open Age will be at Converflex with the most interesting products of the companies it represents: a series of integrated solutions, dedicated to the flexographic and offset printing as well as prepress, branded Sakata Inx, Agfa, TyreF, Esko, Kodak and Joeun Ink.

From left to right, the three members of Open Age: Stefano Florenin, Vincenzo Benincasa and Mario Colombo.

For the Lodi Vecchio based company the international converting fair offers a special occasion for illustrating a market approach – effectively expressed with the slogan “services and technologies within arms reach” – that places the customer and his production needs before everything else, who is offered an array of high level technical and commercial products.
Here are some significant examples.
• To offset and flexo printers, Open Age offers high-tech Sakata Inx inks – for sheetfed offset printing, solvent-based flexo and gravure printing for flexible packaging, and inks specifically for food packaging – but also the Euroinks line of special products such as Pantone colors, gold and silver, or Yessoy vegetable inks by Joeun Ink, based on soya oil.
Alongside, the full range of rubberised fabrics with cutting and barring service and a line of chemical products for the pressroom plus special inverse osmotic water treatment systems and measuring instruments. Specifically for high quality coating, both in commercial and converting industry, the rubberised sheets and the peel-off coating plates by TyreF of Riva del Garda will also be presented, produced entirely in Italy using advanced technologies that combine high quality with maximum attention to the environment, both in the choice of materials as well as production processes.
• For companies and prepress sections, Open Age offers six versions of Agfa plates, chemicals, proofing, but also the Avalon CtP thermal series and the Anapurna systems for wide format inkjet printing for indoor and outdoor uses, and lastly Apogee workflow software in seven versions.
Two big names complete the offer of prepress systems.
The recent acquisition of the right to represent Kodak allows Open Age to offer, among others, the Kodak Flexcell NX flexographic printing plates printing and, consequently, the quality assured by NX technology that allows reproductions of plates with resolution at 450 lpi.
Their offer is completed with the Esko workflow for packaging producers and the concentric screens that maximize print quality.