Zund will be at Viscom Italia to demonstrate live how its advanced cutting systems can increase the efficiency of the workcycle by integrating with software and dedicated tooling.

Starting point and the beating heart of the printing and finishing process, the Zund Cut Center (ZCC) suite provides detailed and accurate statistics on the processing timeframe of an order, from set-up to the cut and finish of a material, including the interval for loading and unloading a new substrate.

Also on show the latest version of  the Zund Design Center (ZDC), the plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that enables the creation of three-dimensional layouts for packaging and display. ZDC contains a rich library of layouts which can be selected and customized by adding logos and other graphic elements.

In terms of cutting, Zund will be showing an S3-M800  with automatic and synchronized material feed, which enables the handling of media sizes up to 3.2 x 2.2 m with minimal intervention from the operator. The S3 cutting system is available in different configurations for different levels of automation and developed to ensure 24/7 productivity.
Very advanced also the G3 3XL-1600 system with the central unit for the automatic unrolling of materials. It includes a device for controlling the tension of the substrates, enabling the cutting and finishing of flexible materials without causing wrinkles. It is able to handle rolls of up to 3.2 m, and allows the operator to remove the cut material without interrupting production.
Lastly, a contribution to efficiency also comes from the EOT-250 Electric Oscillating Tool, a high-frequency device that can handle thick materials such as Re-Board® and other corrugated cardboard based media without compromising the cutting speed.