Converting technologies are increasingly packaging-oriented. As a result, Centrexpo Spa, the organizer of Converflex, the historical show spanning across the full range of converting technology (converting, package printing, labelling) has come up with a strategic combination with the big  Ipack-Ima (Fieramilano, 19-23 May 2015).

Its participants include in fact converting technology users; in addition, interest in converting and package printing technology is increasingly high across the target industries, both food and non-food. In the next edition, these advantages will be enhanced by the conjunction with the Expo 2015.
In the meanwhile the historic combination with Grafitalia is no more, due to   two main factors: the economic and technological performance of the industries targeted by Converflex is increasingly diverging from Grafitalia’s; on the other hand, there is strong complementarity between converting and packaging, with the latter acting as the main driving force – and printing technology is increasingly package printing-oriented.

CENTREXPO DECIDED TO MAKE THE STRATEGIC combination even more tangible by placing Converflex in Hall 2, at the very heart of IPACK-IMA’s exhibition area, in a central position very close to the underground entrance and to the EXPO 2015 area. The show will also be supported by a massive global promotional plan and will be visited by influential foreign buyers selected in cooperation with ICE- Agenzia (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency.
The focus on package printing – a rapidly growing market – is driven by the development of new technological solutions that are attracting the attention of major global stakeholders. Converflex once more proves a winning brand for the display of assembled and running machinery. This is further shown by the unfailing presence of Italian manufacturers members of ACIMGA, among the global leaders in the industry.
The showcase will also include digital printing technology, which is increasingly oriented to the packaging industry as a high growth-rate target market as opposed to graphic arts, which are currently severely affected by the global crisis.