Amcor Flexibles of Ledbury has invested in a solution for color proofs based on Star Proof and Epson Stylus Pro WT7900, which allows it to produce contract halftone proofs suited both to customer as well as internal print activitiy needs. Graphic Republik looked after the system integration.


When used in combination with Star Proof, the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 enables the attainment of high quality halftone proofs based on the same rasterised data used to produce the printing plate. This was confirmed, among other things, by Amcor Flexibles of Ledbury, that commented on the recent investment through its Reprographics Manager, John Guthrie: «Star Proof color proofs are now an almost daily necessity for our print activities and for our customers; when we prepare samples of technically challenging jobs, Star Proof continues to exceed our expectations».
Using white ink combined with the WT7900 ClearProof films, the Star Proof system is calibrated to produce a halftone color proof of actual printing conditions by considering the values of the inks, their sequence and hue, tonal curves, and the opacity of the white.
Star Proof accepts rasterised data in 1-bit TIFF or "Len" format at resolutions up to 4000 dpi and up to 223 lpi screening, and supports the latest HD and NX flexo screening technologies. The result is a reliable reproduction of data, which defines a high standard of halftone contract proof on inkjet printers.
When combined with the range of Epson Stylus Pro inkjet printers, the Star Proof system allows users to produce samples, prototypes and proofs that effectively represent the characteristics of the final object. Star Proof also allows full control of white ink density and color associated with the Epson ClearProof film™ and Metallic film™ media, allowing simple, fast and effective adjustments. Internal and external print modes are fully supported.

Graphic Republik specializes in solutions for prepress, color conversion and proofing, specifically developed for printing of packaging. Its range of software is used by graphic designers and businesses to prepare plates and prints in flexography, gravure, offset and digital processes. Among the most prominent proposals, Star Proof produces halftone proofs on inkjet printers. Thanks to Actual Dot, it reproduces the original screening and structure of the test dots on the same resolutions of the proof, enabling the creation of halftone contract proofs as the job will appear in print. Star Proof also has many features targeted to the needs of the packaging industry, with an automatic calibration of spot colors that can reproduce more than 97% of the Pantone library within a Delta E 3.
Also worth mentioning that Max Step enables the creation of bespoke step and repeat layouts or the use of pre-defined die cut guides to automatically generate layouts according to specific requirements.

Award-winning technology
Last October Graphic Republik won the first prize in the Prepress Innovation category of the Flexotech International Awards with MaxColor: the development of its latest graphics suite MaxPro, MaxColor has been devised to automatically reduce the separations and/or convert to four color CMYK for printing with spot colors. The result is a print with less ink, more vivid colors and better quality (even registry) in gravure, flexo and offset – which is ultimately more rapid, inexpensive and "green".
MaxPro is a suite of software applications for prepress professionals that enables the management of the abundances between strokes, images and transparency automatically, semi-automatically or manually. It employs an independent calibration monitor that accurately reproduces the performance of spot colors on the screen and enables the application of different tonal curves "on the fly".