The Italian packaging sector is growing. In 2018 turnover increased by 2.6%, reaching the value of 33 billion and a half; production increased by 2.4% (16.7 million tons). This is what emerged from the Economic Packaging Forum “The market to be”, the annual appointment of the Italian Packaging Institute, carried out in collaboration with Conai (Italy’s National Packaging Consortium).

The talk given by Barbara Iascone illustrated the sector trends divided per segment. In the paper and cardboard segemtn, corrugated cardboard (+ 2.5%) is growing, driven mainly by e-commerce. Cellulosic packaging accounts for 32% of packaging production, but only 23% of  sector turnover. The opposite is true for plastic packaging. Here, compared to a production that represents only 18% of the sector, plastic accounts for 46% of sector turnover. The sector grew in 2018 by 1.1%. The performance of converter flexibles is also good, improving by 2.5% and which, although representing only 2% of Italian packaging production, account for a considerably greater 7% of turnover. As regards exports and imports, the former grew by 0.8% and the latter by 1.9%.

Continental Europe remains the largest Italian partner. As much as 86% of Italian exports are to Europe, the same way that 90% of imports come from Europe. In particular, Germany and France are the major countries from which we import and export packaging. On the lowest step of the podium we find Poland for imports and Spain for exports. The balance of trade remains positive at over 2 billion euros. Lastly, the forecasts from now until 2022. Packaging production in the next four years will grow by 1.5% on average per year. 2019 will be rather meagre (only + 0.5%) but the figures should pick up by 2012.

The Italian packaging industry proves to be a dynamic and constantly growing sector“, said Anna Paola Cavanna, President of the Italian Packaging Institute. “The balance of trade, with a surplus of over 2 billion euros, is particularly interesting. This means that our industry, as far as manufacturing is concerned, is also highly appreciated beyond Italy’s borders, with the production of innovative, sustainable packaging that guarantees a high degree of safety of the contained product. We will continue to sensitize our members on these issues in order to maintain and increase the competitive advantage of the sector in the future.”