Construction of SAM’s new Research & Development Center is expected to be completed in January of 2016.

This facility will be home to the new SAMLab 3 – Solution Coating Technical Center, a semi-production facility designed for customer product development trials, demonstrations, toll coating, solution coating trials and internal research and development. SAMLab 1 (Sungan Printed Electronics Laboratory) is presently located in the main production area will be relocated to this facility and allow for addition assembly floor space and consolidate the technical centers.  


The R&D Center. It new building is 15,600 sq. ft. (1450 m²) and is a clean room facility for precise optical film coating. The center will be fully equipped with analytic instruments, such as a high accuracy peel strength tester, optical property measuring system and humidity chamber. Mr. Ryu has been named as the Director of R&D for the Center and possesses over two decades of coating industry experience ranging from optical to functional conductive film for touch screen applications. Mr. Ryu will have a staff of five highly trained engineers and technicians to effectively serve SAM’s customer demands.

SAMLab 3. Solution Coating Technical Center’s pilot coating line machine will be fully installed in March 2016 and will be managed by Mr. Y.B. Kim.
The machine is designed for running water and solvent based, 100% solids, and hot melt coatings with a maximum width of 1,060 mm at 600 meters per minute (bypass speeds up to 1,000 meters per minute). The line will have modular coating capabilities of slot die, micro gravure, pressurized chamber doctor blade, direct/reverse/offset gravure, S-knife (comma), reverse roll, semi-flexo, 5-roll and transfer roll to start.
The line includes a 22 meter, 7 zone flotation and roll support dryer, one of the largest and most versatile in the industry. Unique features of the machine line are automatic turrets at the primary unwind and winder for continuous running. Additional features include a secondary unwind for wet and dry laminations, corona treatment, web cleaning and UV curing.