Due Emme based in Gaggiano (known for the production of sleeve storage facilities) makes machinetools for the production and roughing of elastomer and fibreglass coatings on mandrels.

Among these the grinders for sleeves and rollers of the Easy series have won considerable acclaim, that enable the users to carry out stepping and grinding operations (also convex) in total independence with high accuracy and finish.
Here are some of the machine’s distinguishing features.
• Simplicity: as the name says, the Easy series are so simple they can be used by an operator without any specific training in grinding  techniques; one only has to insert the measures in simple-to-use programs via a graphic touchscreen interface.
• Automatism: Due Emme creates customised programs for the users, with a single basic function and a unique cycle that enables the automatic stepping, grinding and if required fabric finish.
• Bulk: it has been reduced a lot and in particular the length is twice as short as the mandrel.
• Reliability: automatisms, centesimal accuracy and the use of cutting edge brushless motors guarantee a real repeatability of results; the painstaking choice of