At Converflex Gama gives a world preview of its new quality control systems for inks, adhesives, varnishes and pH, but also for ink detection and data management and process automation.

All kinds of new additions by Gama, which offers a series of tools with specific, perfected functions, designed following the criteria that inspire all Gama solutions: ease of use, compactness, no mechanical elements subject to wear, reduced maintenance, integration with conduit for ink delivery to the printer, compliance with anti-tampering regulations, energy savings and low environmental impact.
Quality first    
VIS G20 for flexo and rotogravure printing enables controlling the viscosity of solvent inks and, when needed, automatically corrects it by adding solvent. The system transmits information to the operator in real time and, once production has been completed, issues a production report; the operator can archive setup parameters and those for future jobs.
Suitable for 1 to 6 color installations, with optional single color interface management or via PC, the VIS G20 can be integrated with the G90 ink temperature control system to stabilize it on the recommended value range of 22° to 25°. Foam formation is minimal.

VIS G30 for solvent and water-based varnishes and adhesives checks viscosity and temperature. It can be installed on a flexo or rotogravure printer or a lamination unit. Easy to tare and use, it can be managed by PC or LCD interface. Valves are available to guarantee maximum cleanliness in the measurement area and around the sensor.

VIS G31 for checking pH levels in water-based inks, with automatic correction by adding a stabilizer. This system was specifically developed for the converting and corrugated cardboard market.        

Color and cost: new segments
G100 is an offline system that, using a spectrodensitometer connected to the viscosity system, reads the density values of the color scale in a print and sends the information to the supervisor. For quick and effective controls and corrections.
G150 interfaces with the Chromalab system (or in line spectrodensitometer) installed on the printer, which enables managing color data in order to compensate for variations.
During printing, density and LAB data are sent in real time to the Gama ink quality supervisor; when needed, the system automatically varies viscosity and enhances delta E.
G200 detects ink consumption during the printing process and enables making comparisons with projections in order to calculate effective costs.
G300 enables quick startups for re-printing. The operator, using a barcode reader, scans the data reported on a print sample or customer card, and the system automatically recalls from the supervisor the archived job.
The folder contains all data and viscosity parameters of the various colors, for immediate tare of viscosimeters.