A live interview with Prioriello of Printgraf, who explains the advantages of Euclid II Highcon. The first one will be installed in Molise, thanks to the concern’s Italian distributor Mgraf.

news-highcon.pngLaunched at drupa 2012 and garnering awards including the ECMA’s ProCarton and the 2015 InterTech Technology Award, Highcon’s Euclid II employs Digital Adhesive Rule Technology (DART) and precision laser optics to create a completely digital cutting and creasing workflow. This makes it possible to perform the frequent adjustments required by consumption goods marketing and the low runs of packaging materials, just-in-time and with significant economies of time and costs.
With the latest upgrades, Euclid II has now reached technological maturity and is already making its first market victories: in late November, the Italian distributor Mgraf hosted a large group of potential users at a live event (also held simultaneously in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam), at which Giuseppe Prioriello – Printgraf’s co-founder and the first to use the Highcon system – explained its functions and advantages.
During a brilliant satellite interview, the businessman from Molise illustrated everything new that his concern has accomplished with Euclid, unveiling business units and services (including the “pack.ly” web-to-pack program) and radically innovating its packaging design.

highcon_euclid.pngPrecision and modularity. Euclid performs cutting and creasing in a single step, according to CAD-generated models and making use of the patented DART technology to make creases without the help of dies (with resulting economic, logistical and storage benefits).
Cutting is performed by multiple CO2 lasers that, combined with innovative optical precision instruments, produce high quality custom sheets. This system enables obtaining highly complex shapes, in addition to countless variants in record times, with drastically reduced process changeover times.
The machine can process paper, board, labels and micro-corrugated cardboard, with sheets ranging from 320×457 to 760×1,060 mm. The many optionals include: integrated digital wastage removal unit; optic register; software for accelerating complex cutting tasks; double speed production. Moreover, Euclid can be complimented with web-to-pack software, making it possible to design and manage small custom runs online, and Highcon Light Editor, which maximizes the digital system’s flexibility by adjusting creasing and cutting specifications up to the last minute, optimizing attachment points and managing wastage removal.