The creation of a unique technology partner in quality control at a global level: BST International GmbH acquires Eltromat and hence gives birth to a new company.

BST Eltromat can in practice respond to all demands for production and quality optimization in the processing of roll-fed materials by offering a comprehensive portfolio of systems and services. The convergence of the two companies’ knowhow and  the experience of their teams will be amplified by the productive synergies fielded worldwide and by an extensive service network. Hence, by this  joining of forces, the new reality will be able to promote specific solutions more quickly and efficiently in terms of extrusion, packaging, printing, converting, industrial hygiene and for rubber.

Fields of action
BST International (Bielefeld, D): systems for quality control in the roll-fed printing and packaging industry, in particular web guiding systems, color control, print inspection, register control, thickness and weight control as well as solutions for the production of rubber.
Eltromat (Leopoldshöhe, D): video systems and inspection, but also register and color control systems, and systems for on-line monitoring of print quality, this too using roll-fed.